Monday, September 19, 2011

Mostly Comedies! :D

Yea, Chris Colfer who plays Kurt Hummel in Glee failed in his second attempt in winning the Emmy Award but hey it doesn't matter to me! I am still very much in love with Chris and Kurt! Can't wait to watch the new season of Glee which starts today~! Yay~! :D
I've been pretty loaded with work at the moment and do expect it to be like that for at least another one month time. Sigh... Seriously miss blogging and movies! So I took the opportunity of the long weekend to watch three movies in a row and I must say I'm still not done yet with the list of latest movies I want to watch! Arrrrggghhh...

Obviously I went for this one because of Matt Damon! And yes, the likes of Marion Cotillard and Kate Winslet sort of make it more watch-worthy!
The movie talks about a virus that kills and how it affected people around the world until one scientist finally found a vaccine for it. It doesn't have a proper flow, with random switches to different scenes with characters in the movie, which I like a lot. But then the entire storyline doesn't seems to have a huge impact on the audience as they watch or even after watching it. There isn't like something that sort of click! While I still think it was quite an interesting movie, Deardo was absolutely bored.
And because there were just short scenes of each characters, you get to see very little acting from the actors, even if it means they are all like what? Oscar winners? To me, that was a waste. I mean, Gyyneth Paltrow died about 10 minutes into the movie and Kate Winslet follows soon after!
I think Steven Soderbergh should stick to comedy.

Johnny English Reborn
Rowan Atkinson is back! I was really excited to watch this movie actually but I knew sequels always fail to impress so I didn't have high hopes.
Fortunately, Agent Johnny English proves me wrong! The plot was brilliantly created where the beginning of the movie often seems to have a link to whatever happens of the movie. And mind you, it is bloody funny okay? I really cannot remember when was the last time I laugh so loud watching a movie, especially a sequel! Seriously, how can anyone not love Rowan Atkinson? Or Mr. Bean? Or Agent Johnny English???
While it is nice to see Rowan Atkinson again, I think I was also very excited to see Gillian Anderson, the very famous 'Agent Scully'! But my other favourite character has to be the killer cleaner! Ha, that woman is cool! And guess what? I just found out the actress, by the name of Pik-Sen Lim, is a Malaysian and was in the good old comedy series Mind Your Language! Gosh! Mind Your Language! So classic man!
This is definitely a must watch!!!

Nasi Lemak 2.0
You know, I know, Deardo knew that this is going to be quite a stupid comedy but still, I was curious. So we went for it, for Namewee you may say. Although I'm not quite sure about that.
Storyline wise, it is VERY DRAMATIC. Some makes you say things like 'stupid' or 'nonsense'. I especially don't like the over-used 1Malaysia or those Malaysia in unity crap ideas but well at least Namewee actually, as usual, touched on the sensitive topics, which makes a little difference. And of course, we all love how he made swear words sound so indirect!
While there isn't any acting skills to talk about, I am truly amazed by the fact that there are so many famous figures such as the Alleycats and the Baba & Nyonya guys! I'm sure we all missed them a lot!
And for some strange reason, the 'Curry Leh' song is stuck in my head now... I think I kinda like that song! :p

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