Friday, August 12, 2011

Mama Mia Salmon @ El Fresco, Empire Subang

Empire Shopping Centre has recently became our new favourite hang-out place. I think not only because it has less people (yea cos it's also smaller), but also the entire feel and atmosphere is totally different. You feel like you are walking in probably Bangsar Shopping Centre or something in there. I totally love some of the restaurants there, some unique brands and even recently we fell in love with a cool kitchen and hardware shop there we spent almost an hour in there! The restaurant and the poster telling you how the whole thing works!
One of our recent findings is of course El Fresco, a little cafe inside Jaya Grocer. It is next to Hikari and has the same concept, only this one, in the Italian way!
So Deardo and I, trying to be healthy, skipped the steaks, chose two pieces of salmon from the fishmonger, priced at RM12 plus and RM14 plus each. Took them to the cafe, paid for them and ask them to cook for us for no extra charges! Well of course, you need to pay an extra six bucks if you want a side from choices of pasta, grilled vege or green salad. My man paying for our dinner! Yee haaa...
Then we have this number and waited for our food to be served.
Honestly speaking, all the staff we saw at the cafe don't look very appetizing. I'm sure you know what I mean, so I didn't really have high hopes lar, just wanted to try-out new things. But seriously, the salmon turned out to be surprisingly superb! First thing first, the salmon was sooooooo bloody fresh and juicy! And it was very well-cooked, not too raw, not overcooked as well. Taste wise also just nice! With some olive oil and the vegetables, the dish does look very simple, but man it took my heart away! Oh no, both our hearts! Yummy salmon at a freaking reasonable price! :)
I mean, RM30 plus for two pieces of salmon is actually very cheap! And to have them so fresh (yeah fresh from the fishmonger, duh!) and yummy just made it so worth it! Honestly, we are both very impressed. And... I think I kinda like dining in a supermarket with loads of fresh vegetables and fruits and imported food products around me. Ha! :p
They also serve some other dishes like pizza and pasta which I cannot assure you of the taste!

Al Fresco Cafe @ Jaya Grocer
Lot 6, LG-G1
Empire Shopping Gallery
Jalan SS 16/1
47500 Subang Jaya

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