Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bangkok, the shopping paradise

Sorry for the delay guys! I was thinking of giving up blogging about this Bangkok trip (which happened almost 2 months ago) but I figured it will be a waste not to talk about the wonderful shopping trip!
Anywayz, I'll just make it more to a photo blog...The sky in Bangkok? Probably was in an artsy mood...
So, I went to Bangkok for the first time with a bunch of colleagues because it was a staff trip. It was a very short one, 3 days 2 nights and that's it. And... That was the only time I followed a tour guided trip since erm... Super many years ago when I was probably just a kid. Our tour guide Joey (his Thai name iswrqr#@%) is a very funny Thai guy! That's why he deserves a mention here! :)
Turned out, the only place we girls followed the tour itinerary (except for the restaurants lar) was the first place we went as we landed in Bangkok, the four-face buddha. Nothing fantastic to us. So we snapped some pics before going off to have our late lunch at McD next door...So here's the famous four-face buddha...
In general, I find Bangkok as a city, probably looks very much like some parts of KL. In many ways, it doesn't look as developed as KL, yet there are many areas that we can learn from them too. I especially find the Thais very friendly. Shopping with the girls (and ladies) was FUN FUN FUN!!!
I have to admit, their temples (even though I only went to one because I'm not interested with temples) and buildings like Baiyoke Sky failed to impress me. I don't fancy their trains too because of their stupid money-changer system. And Tuk Tuk drivers are definitely cheaters but yea not bad if you are looking for an adventurous ride or a real Bangkok experience.Pink taxis! How cute!
Aaaahhhh... Finally we got to sit down for a bit! Phew~!
Took a picture with the Tuk Tuk before the very adventurous ride!

So what did I truly enjoy in Bangkok? No... I didn't enjoy the company's lame game after our seafood dinner...
And not the fact that I found my colleague wearing the same patterned top! LOL!

Firstly, massage!Evelyn and me enjoying our massage! And the lady commented that we are 'soi' (pretty)! Yahoo~~!!!
Well obviously they are not fantastic, but not too bad. Not especially with that crazily cheap price! I paid 380 Baht (RM38) for a 2-hour full body massage! So yea, I guess that explains why we actually went for massage two nights in a row there. It feels extremely good especially after a whole long day of walking!

Of course what I enjoyed the most was shopping!!! Exhausted, but very happy shoppers! :p
I've never been to anywhere in Thailand before, so I was really innocent to think that the money I brought was enough! I didn't know that the stuff there can be so dirt cheap! Seriously! I should have brought more money!!!
My favourite must be Platinum Wholesale Mall in which we spent half-a-day just to finish one floor and didn't even have time to proceed to the next floor! Aaaarrrrgggghhh... So Pek Chek! So yea I guess even if I had the money, I wouldn't have enough time to shop too!The cute shoes I bought!!!
The few pieces of clothes and swimsuit I bought and am loving them too!
Belts, earings, pictures, notebooks...
Souvenir for colleagues from the famous Naraya.
FOOD, FOOD and more FOOD!!!
In the end, I actually bought more food than clothes and I wasn't really happy about that. Like my colleague Sze Ling said, it doesn't feel right, just doesn't feel like we are done! Enough said lar, the next time I go to Bangkok, I will make sure I have enough money and time to shop!!!At the airport we were already asking each other when is our next Bangkok trip!
I really enjoyed the shopping and the food in Bangkok and that three days really wasn't enough for me to explore all the shopping and all the food Bangkok can offer! Hence, next trip to Bangkok, I wanna go all out to eat and to shop!
Wanna join???


H@naKo said...

Yey! I'm going there next year June!:)

ShiRLeXia said...

Bring more money!!!

LayJinG said...

Oh, bangkok, shopping paradise!!!!!

ShiRLeXia said...

Have you been there Lay Jing?

LayJinG said...

NO !!! T.T
Plan to attend a conference end of October, but cancelled... bcoz of the flood! Wasted!

ShiRLeXia said...

No problem lar it's quite cheap! I plan to go back again next year! :p