Friday, November 25, 2011

Plan B inspried Sauteed Mushrooms

Remember how we enjoyed our breakfast at Plan B in Bangsar? I think I've recently grown into something like my grandmother, whenever I tried something that tastes really simple to make, I'll start talking about how easy this can be made at home.
And that is exactly what I did to try making the very yummy sauteed mushrooms that comes with the breaky! Our breaky at Plan B with the Sauteed Mushrooms that I was so tempted to order extra.

So here's what you need...Fresh mushrooms cut into half or slices, cherry tomatoes halved, huge amount of finely chopped garlic and English Parsley.

And here's how you make this yummy and simple dish...
1) Heat up a frying pan or wok with some olive oil.
2) Dump the garlic in and simmer till they turn a little brownish.3) Dump the mushrooms in now and stir well.4) Now dump the tomatoes and parsley in and stir well. Add salt and black pepper to taste.5) Until you see the parsley are spread well in the entire dish, you are done!

You can serve them as a side dish or you can go ahead to have it as a main dish just like us! Yea, that explains why we cooked such a big portion of it right? It was another successful try for me even though I think we (actually I think it was Deardo... :p) sort of overcooked the tomatoes a bit. But taste wise it was all perfect and we definitely enjoyed it as a light dinner dish!
Now you can go ahead and try this at home too! :)


Food Lover said...

It looks yummy...

Great job Chef Shirlexia!!

ShiRLeXia said...

Thank you~! :)