Friday, December 2, 2011

The Thai Pork Crackers!!!! Awwww~~~!!!

The Thai Pork Crackers was something I've tried and got addicted to before I went to Bangkok. My colleagues bought them back and I just totally fell in love with them. Hence, I bought about 5 to 6 packets of them home! Because the wordings on the packet says things only in Thai, I have no idea what is it made of exactly. Most of us believe it is actually pork skin. I don't know, if it is that means I've eaten loads of cholesterol into my body! Dang... :SMy love~ Thai Pork Crackers!!! Nom~ Nom~ Nom~ Nom~
Anywayz, apart from being a super yummy and addictive quick snack for movies or TV series, I found new ways to use them in my cooking!

1) Thai Pork Crackers with porridge!So with a mission to eat healthily, we had porridge for dinner one night. I made simple porridge with carrot and potato cubes with minced pork just like those you would feed a toddler. It has been one of my favourite light meal and that night we added in the pork crackers just for some additional crisp in the porridge! It tastes great! My only advice is, eat them when they are half soaked in the porridge so that you still get some crispiness out of the crackers!

2) Thai Pork Crackers with Chicken and Cucumber SaladThis isn't something new, I've did the same before and you can find the recipe here. Only this time, I broke the crackers into small pieces and sprinkle them over the salad! It was definitely a healthy salad with a (pork) twist! :)

3) Thai Pork Crackers with Tuna and Potato SaladI Baked the potato cubes with olive oil with the oven, boiled some eggs (then cut them into cubes) and french beans (supposed to be asparagus but couldn't find them in the supermarket the other day) and mix them all with tuna in olive oil, chopped tomatoes, English parsley and black pepper to make this another random salad. To top it up, some Thai Pork Crackers! Oooh so nice!

Now the Thai people might wanna thank me for promoting their snack so much! :p


Hayley said...

Yea I tried once... Really very addictive one!

ShiRLeXia said...

Yea unhealthy stuff are always nice to eat! :p