Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Makan-makan in Bangkok

Hello people!!!

Yeah, I've been super duperly busy recently and that prevented me from publishing anything on my blog (and actually also prevented me from reading other blogs). I know, I know, that means my blog is boring without any updates but hey I'm back and I hope that although I'll still be quite busy at least until December, I'll get to update more often. I mean, bloody hell all my stuff are so backdated now!!!

This particular post on food I had in Bangkok was taken from my company's staff trip exactly a month ago! Anywayz, most food I had in Bangkok was fantastic, giving me zero excuse to skip blogging about them!

Sinfully yummy pork burger @ McDSawadee ka Mr. McD Thailand~!
Oh yeah, finally I got to try this very famous pork burger that all Malaysians don't have the courtesy to have them here in our country!!! Forget about whatever healthy diet! I'm a HUGE fan of McD pork burger!!!
The pork patty is juicy and super nice but a bit to thin lar... I suggest if they have the patty from Loong Kee to go with their sauces and lettuce at McD, it will be perfect! *ching ching ching ching~~~*I have a colleague who walluped three of the pork burgers at once!Thai McD's breaky menu.
I also tried their Spinach pie, which also cannot be found in Malaysia but it was just so-so. So... I was truly impressed by the yumminess of the pork burger. Haih... Perhaps they can consider opening an extra McD in Malaysia that is non-halal? Or like in any supermarket, open up a section that is non-halal so we can enjoy these yummy burgers too? Seriously, I only go to McD for breaky (oh and by the way they also have pork porridge in their breakfast meal! How cool!) but if there is pork burger here I'll probably visit McD more often than ever.

Seafood Dinner @ Nathong Seafood
This is one of the restaurants the tour guide brought us to and all dishes were pre-booked. Oh just FYI, it took us more than one and a half hour to get there for our dinner. Bloody Bangkok traffic... ==|||The restaurant is super huge! And I suspect they actually have buffet counters where you can go get sashimi, sushi and pork satays but ours were pre-booked so we can only eat whatever came to our table lar. They even have live band!To cut the whole thing short, I will only showcase those that I think are recommendable...This is unique! Spicy and Sour Squid.
I never liked salted fish but this fried Kailan with salted fish, me like!
The Thai Fish Cake was good too!
This deep fried fish was superb!!!
The deep fried fish was definitely everyone's favourite dish. Very crispy, fresh and delicious! See, the simplest dish won here! Hehe...Us girls who enjoyed the dinner like some hungry ghost just because we were so hungry trapped in the bloody traffic jam!

Lunch buffet @ Baiyoke Sky Hotel
Also included in the package is this lunch buffet which we only had about one hour there to sapu whatever we could simply because we were too busy shopping! Ha! Yes I'm serious, we didn't follow most of the programme throughout the 3 days 2 nights trip because we were too immersed with the shopping!!!Due to time constrain, this is the only picture I took of the food. Top left is the Tom Yam soup!
Anywayz, the only thing that really satisfied me and to say, something special was their Tom Yam! Their Tom Yam comes in a small bowl of fresh mushrooms, squids, prawns and fish and guess what, they add milk in it! Ok, maybe I'm suaku lar but that was the first time I had Tom Yam with milk and it is absolutely delicious I had three bowls of it!!!

Best ever Mango Glutinous Rice @ MBK's Food Court
Food court? You serious???
Yes, I'm serious! That is by far the best ever mango glutinous rice I've ever tried in my entire life and it was found at a food court of a shopping mall! You gotta ask ourselves why Malaysian food court can't do that, right?Irresistible mango glutinous rice! Yummmzzzz...
First of all, the mango is super sweet and fresh! The rice tastes just nice with the right amount of coconut milk and the right amount of crunchiness. And we all agreed that the small little yellow sprinkle on top of the rice made a whole lot of difference even though we really don't know what are they actually... :pAlso, beef noodles...
And absolutely colourful Pad Thai.
We also tried their Pad Thai and Beef Noodles but I think the Pad Thai deserves a mention! That's me and Evelyn, the Pad Thai die-heart fan! I think she had at least 5 Pad Thai during our entire trip in Bangkok. :S

It was really too short a trip, both for food and shopping. Food in Bangkok in general passed my satisfaction level with quite reasonable price. But going with colleagues who aren't very adventurous also means I didn't get to go the extreme. I didn't even try any of the street foods because my colleagues were worried of hygiene issue which makes a lot of sense because I did see loads of flies floating on top of their uncooked food at some roadside stalls. But oh I wouldn't mind trying once, at least! And the insects! Although I haven't really decided whether or not to really put them into my mouth, I didn't even see any of the stalls selling fried insects!
Hence, going to Bangkok for a second time is a must (of course when it is free of flood and political issues lar) when I have more money and more time because 3 days 2 nights weren't enough!!!

Till then, stay tuned for a second and final post on my Bangkok trip. Soon, hopefully~! :)

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