Tuesday, March 27, 2012

This & that, here & there

Sorry for the little updates guys! Life has been busy as I was working over the past few weekends and I'm still going to be working this weekend. Yah, such is life! But after that I hope I will be able to breathe some fresh air, literally, as Cameron Highlands trip is currently in our plan just so that we can relax a little after all the work crap...
So just a quick update of Shirlexia's life through some urm.. Rather colourful photos...I bid farewell to one of my close colleagues Cassandra last month but I'm very happy for her as she actually got a very good offer elsewhere. I'll be very sad soon as I'll be losing two more work partners by end of next month. :(

Oh that reminds me of this... We were talking about singing 'Someone Like You' to my two colleagues who are leaving. And Madeleine, who is sitting next to me in the office, is said to be an Adele-wannabe! Now you be the judge! :p

I also went to Terengganu last month, my first trip to Terengganu in fact. It was a shame that I was only there for one day for work, so I didn't get to see and try much. This fishballs-alike stuff was the favourite food I've tried during that one-day trip. Special thanks must be given to the ADUN, who bought that for us to try! Yumz~!!!

Little Yue Yue has also grown bigger and longer. In fact this is not the most updated picture of her. She has since grown ever bigger!

One of my colleagues, the one who is leaving soon was nice enough to buy us some famous Pulau Ketam Nasi Lemak for breakfast the other day. The Nasi Lemak doesn't look interesting at all, but fuuuuhhh the sambal was bloody delicious and spicy! Love it love it love it!!!

Here's a picture of me having my Char Siew Pau on a weekend where I spent with my Ah Ma and 4e.

And here's a picture of me taken randomly with my phone by guess who? My boss... LOL!

I went to Jan Lamb's comedy stand-up few weeks back and I'm so glad I didn't miss it this time around! Out of all the comedy stand-ups I've attended, his is by far, the BEST one!!! Well done Jan! And what a pleasant surprise to see his partner Kot Mun Fai at the show too! :)

Only two weeks back, Karen and I had a girls day out where we went for movies marathon at the Hong Kong Film Festival. We also had loads of fun shopping together~!!! Yay~! :D

And guess what? We bumped into our ex-teacher at The Voice Academy, 佩盈老师!She is pregnant and is delivering very soon BUT you surely can't notice that from this picture, right??? She is as usual, still so pretty and elegant! And thanks so much for the fresh fruits! We really enjoyed them in the cinema! :p

Till we meet again, adios!


Hayley said...

You're right, 佩盈looks gorgeous even though pregnant!

Have a nice day ya!

ShiRLeXia said...

Yes Hayley, but you are not bad too!!! :D

Thanks and you too!