Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Award-winning movies

The Iron Lady
(Winner of Best Actress & Best Make-up @ Oscar 2012)
I needed to watch this movie to tell me if Meryl Streep really deserve the award more than Viola Davis in The Help. And needless to say, I think Viola Davis was good but Meryl Streep truly deserves the award.
The opening of the movie already says a lot, really. Meryl Streep playing the older Margaret Thatcher with Dementia was so precise it made you feels so bad for her. She then portrayed the character so so well... The young, tough and passionate young lady, as well as the older version who keeps on imagining her husband is still around. Meryl Streep is truly amazing!
Storyline wise, however, isn't so fantastic. It's just a very normal flow, with a few parts which bored me a lot when it talks about complicated economics and political stuff. Duh... But honestly, I like how the movie was made without focusing too much on the political stuff. Most part of it talks about Margaret Thatcher and her funny husband Dennis and their unique and lovely love story. I was crying so bad when I saw the ending where she has to finally accept the fact that the husband is dead and decided to send him (the imaginary him) away but suddenly realised she doesn't really want him to go... Man can you imagine that happening to any of us when we lose our loved ones??? :'(
It is quite a beautiful movie, although I would love to skip all the political stuff if given an option. By the way, I thought the Best Actress and Best Make-Up awards won was well deserved. *clap clap~~~*

那些年,我们追过的女孩 You are the Apple of my Eyes
(Winner of Best New Artist at Taiwan Golden Horse Awards 2011)


LayJinG said...

Where to watch the Iron Lady? hehe.. so outdated nowadays! Well, I haven't watch 那些年。。。not in that mood!

ShiRLeXia said...

Haha... Illegally lar... I don't really think it will be up in Malaysian cinemas...

For 那些年I really just watched out of curiosity!