Friday, March 30, 2012

Yummily Satisfying Dinner @ Sai Gong, Kepong

If you notice, I normally hang out with my Ah Ma, aunts and uncles, plus cousins in KL once in a while. While like 3e, I'm actually missing my cousins who are now working and studying in Melbourne, I still try my best to catch-up with the rest of them in KL. And like most Asians, normally we will make it a makan catch-up.
So, the other day Ah Ma gave us all a treat at Sai Gong in Kepong. The restaurant was already pretty full when we arrived, so before we even got ourselves a seat, 3e was already odering food! Ha! We are kiasu, I know!!!
And then... I felt really lucky that 3e was being so kiasu because!!! We waited for bloody one hour for our food to arrive at our table! Boy those food better be good!!!
Some Signature Tofu Dish. Not too bad. Only thing is I always prefer the Japanese Tofu.
Gluttonous Rice was a lil' hard that night.
Stir-fry Yao Mak for the family who love vege a lot!
Claypot Red Fermented Tofu Pork! My favourite of all!!!
Gui Fei Chicken! Another one of their signature dish.
Sesame Honey Chicken Pork Ribs.
Sambal Kangkung.... Told ya we love vege!
Claypot Butter Seafood... Yummy!
On average, the food were really delicious! My personal favourite has to be the Claypot Red Fermented Tofu Pork Belly! Although the pork was very fat, but the meat was really tender and entire dish was just super flavourful! The Gui Fei Chicken was also really good, especially when it doesn't taste as salty as a lot of those salt baked chicken. The Honey Sesame Pork Ribs was another super must try dish! It was crispy and super addictive! The other one that I would highly recommend will be the Claypot Butter Seafood, of course, that will be strictly for those who love creamy stuff.
So that's eight dishes for eight of us. Plus few portions of rice and two big bottles of beer, the bill actually came up to RM204!!! That's like RM25 per person! I don't know about you, but to me, that's even cheaper than what I can find in Taiping ler! That was seriously a satisfying and reasonable meal! Only thing is you have to wait! :p

Restaurant Sai Gong
No. 63, Jalan 1/62D,
Medan Putra Business Centre,
52200 Kepong,
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 016-6000 655


Anonymous said...

Butter seafood!!!

"S" is for seafood... and it's good enough for me...

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