Friday, April 20, 2012

The Artist & Battleship

The Artist
Watched this Oscar's Best Film few weeks back out of curiosity, seriously. I mean, a black and white silent movie winning so many awards? This better be a damn good movie man!
Basically the storyline is not anything extraordinary. It is just about a silent movie actor trying to stay true to the silent movie industry but failed and became forgotten by the audience. He became really sad and even tried to shoot himself off... Sounds damn normal but hey I'm freaking impressed by the way the director was able to put the whole movie together without spoken words! True, the storyline was simple, but it was entertaining enough and you actually feel damn sad for the main character, George Valentin.
Having to say that, I must pay my respect to Jean Dujardin, who truly deserved the Best Actor title. His acting was extremely impressive, using just facial expression to express himself in the entire movie... Simply wow! I love him!!!
I also love Uggie, the cute dog in the movie as well as the outstanding costume designs the movie has! Oh yes, the music! Love the OST to death man! So nice and cute! Bravo!!!
It is unfair to say it deserve to win Best Film at the Oscar since I've not seen most of the other movies nominated. But one thing for sure is, this movie really amazed me!!!

It's another movie I watched because Deardo was damn excited about it. But of course, I've heard of real good reviews about the movie only a day after it was opened here in Malaysia!
I was skeptical about it though, I mean, you know I'm not a fan of movies with aliens lar, zombies lar, vampires lar... So yea.
The movie has a storyline of romance and brothers love, but much to my relief, they weren't cheesy at all! It pays more attention to their war against the aliens (who by the way look more like Power Rangers, without the pretty faces behind them), and their war strategies which were not boring to watch. Although I still cannot accept the fact that aliens can be so hi-tech and all, the movie did impressed me!
Nothing much I can talk about the acting. But I'm a fan of the cool-looking Alexander Skarsgård, just because he is cool-looking lar ok? I do admire Rihanna's choice of movie to debut in. Not romantic comedy, not playing a sexy and attractive girl, but a marine soldier? How cool is that? Miley Cyrus, Mandy Moore and Selena Gomez should learn from her. Er... Too late now anywayz.
So, Battleship is a truly entertaining movie you don't want to miss!

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