Friday, April 6, 2012

New found yumminess @ Shanghai 10, Genting

We always have problem looking for the right restaurant to have our meals whenever we are in Genting. Some of them are just not nice to eat, some too crowded, some too expensive. My only good experience was at Coffee Terrence but yea, we can't have buffet when we know we have a stand-up comedy to catch in one hour time, right?
So the other day before we went for Jan Lamb's show, we chose Shanghai 10 to have our dinner. It was pretty full too when we arrived but we were lucky enough to get a table very fast and food came in around 15 minutes of waiting. :)
We were basically conned by the aunty who told us the portion are small so we shall not share our food...
Ginseng Abalone Soup, RM10.
Stir-fried Broccoli with Scallops, RM18.90.
Prawn Fried Rice, RM17.50.
Shanghai Bean Noodles, RM16.90.
But we love the food there! All dishes that we ordered were up to our standards! I especially love the awesome Prawn Fried Rice and the Shanghai Bean Noodles! You can literally taste the strong fire that they use to fry the Prawn Fried Rice, so 'gao wok hei'! And surprisingly the prawns were damn fresh! The Shanghai Bean Noodles is more like our version of Fried Kuey Teow, but the noodles is really something new to us. It's bigger than hor fun but transparent like glass noodles and the texture is super nice to chew. Perhaps a little oily, but damn that was delicious! And obviously portion aren't small at all!
I was really happy with my dinner!!! Yummy~!!!
With the three dishes and a soup (we didn't order any drinks), and all the taxes, the bill came up to RM73.45. A bit pricey lar but well it's only once in a blue moon we get to go to Genting anywayz! So here you go, a new found yumminess at Genting! Yay~! :)

Shanghai 10
First World Hotel Genting
Tel: 03-6436 0690


Anonymous said...

Why are you always alone in dining??

How sad.. :(

ShiRLeXia said...

That's because Deardo Wong decided not to use his picture cos he doesn't look good in it... Ish...