Tuesday, April 24, 2012

LMFAO Live in Malaysia (From an aunty's perspective)

Sorry about the delay of this post. I almost forgot about this one!!! How could I???
Deardo and I went to the LMFAO Live in Malaysia about two weeks back because we are both fans of them. Wait, correction, fan of their 'fai-cai-ness' (Cantonese for 'nonsense-ness'), although we only know roughly five to six of their songs! LOL! Anywayz, we had a very interesting night with a whole new experience attending the concert and I hate to say this, but we both made a conclusion that we are both too old for this kinda concert.
So gungho that we wore our original LMFAO t-shirt to the concert! Party Rock people!!! Woot~!!!
Since the ticket says concert starts at 8.30pm, we went into Sunway Lagoon at 8pm thinking that however late these 'sexy-and-they-know-it-guys' are, it won't be later than 9pm. At least we went in and grabbed ourselves a nice spot not too far behind the crowd!
Camwhoring since they refused to come out on time...
Yeah, or so we thought...

At first, there were this gang of kids next to us who looked so ideal as 1Malaysia ambassadors. I totally understand how the two Chinese girls feel like because hey, dating or hanging out with non-Chinese guys is simply hip! Trust me, I've been through that and I don't think it is a problem at all (yeah you will learn from mistakes, girls!) until I find the three guys with them irritating. They were trying their very best to put their arms around the girls' waists and shoulders which all looked to me more like they are trying to 'chau sui'. That's still fine with me providing they are cute, right? Unfortunately one of the guys just need to go on Biggest Loser or Extreme Makeover to lose some kilos and a possible skin surgery. Boo~ Boo~ So not interesting! To the two cute Chinese girls, love yourself more and go home earlier! *Sounds like an aunty talking already now, isn't it?*
You see what I mean? Biggest Loser and Extreme Makeover? Somemore he was sweating so much wey!
And I thought they were already irritating enough.

They were at my right and suddenly some four or five boys just cut the queue and went straight to stand at our left. They smelled and looked like they've obviously just drank at least two pints of beer or something and seriously, they look like they are just 18 years old! WTH?!
Drunken kids who weren't supposed to be at the concert, let alone drinking!
I couldn't do much by then except for starring at them furiously. And it was already bloody 9.30pm!!! Where the hell are LMFAO??? We don't want to listen to the DJ anymore, we paid for LMFAO, not you random DJs!!! Aaaarrrrhhhh...

Freaking HOT and TIRING too having to stand in the crowd for so bloody looooooong!!! 

But I also pity the DJ also lar. That poor fellar was just doing his job standing there playing music for so long just so the superstar can be legally late for their opening of the concert. Yea but I booed him for a bit too... :p

And then around 9.45pm when LMFAO were probably still poo-ing behind the stage, this two girls dragged a guy in (obviously also very the 1Malaysia's combination), cut through us and the drunken boys and decided to just stop right in front of us. F@&#%%$!(^%## I can see those drunken boys were also suddenly awaken from their feng-tao party by that situation and we all formed a team of starring eyes, starring fiercely at them. I mean, hey, people have been standing here for almost two hours and you think you can just come in 15 minutes before the concert starts and took our space away from us??? WTF??? Of course, like Jinnyboy says, they pretended to be the Malaysian 'Invisible Man' even though the guy actually heard me saying 'BLOODY HELL!!!' and turned a bit but was too scared to look at me directly. CHICKEN!!! Yeah, I'm talking about you the Chinese guy in white shirt who came in dragged by some girls! YOU CHICKEN!!!
For some unknown reasons, he eventually backed out a bit and stood right next to me, with his foot directly just next to mine trying to tell me to move away. I was really pissed off by then but I told myself to calm down since the party hasn't even started. I shall not spoil my mood because of a CHICKEN!
Ooh I hope you have bruises on your foot after the concert, you white shirt CHICKEN!
By 10pm RedFoo (SkyBlu didn't come along because of injury) finally came on stage (phew~) and the first song was our recent favourite, Sorry for Party Rocking!!! So bloody excited I jumped my heart out and STEP, STEP, STEP, STEP on that white-shirt-guy's foot!!!! Muahahahahaha... You ask for it you USELESS CHICKEN!!! Get all that shit back from the bitchy Aunty Shirlexia!!! Didn't the title already told you that this is an experience of an aunty? Oh I forgot to also mention that this aunty isn't easy to handle. That fellar just need a lesson of life lar for being so useless, hence I was there just on time! :)
And yes, half way through the concert they left. I bet the drunken boys and me alone gave them whole loads of pressure that they couldn't take it anymore. WE WON THE BATTLE GUYS!!! *Gimme five~~* Muahahahahahaha...
Possibly the last standing concert for me... But LMFAO rocks!!!
So we party rocked for the next one and a half hour with RedFoo and the gang. By the end of the night I was all wet and sticky with sweat all over and I was already half dead because of tiredness. I wouldn't say I didn't enjoy the show. In fact, it's been a while I've never partied so badly and it's cool to have such experience once a while. But man, it was really freaking tiring and I almost wanna start a fight with those irritating people who love to cut queue and pretend that they don't know what shit they are doing there. Seriously, I'M TOO OLD FOR ALL THESE...

To those who happened to be the people at the concert and who happened to be standing next to me and happened to stumble upon my blog here... Say hi to Aunty Shirlexia!!! Don't worry, I'm most irritated with the last CHICKEN guy, the rest of you all lost to him lar. Lost gao gao okay??? *wink~*



WCL said...

LMFAO reading your bitchy post...

ShiRLeXia said...

Is it that funny???

yvonne said...

This entry is so funny! Much better than those who write about their LMFAO experiences, bleh!

ShiRLeXia said...

Hahaha I didn't read of any other LMFAO experience yet!
Glad that you enjoyed it! :)