Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lobsterish Dinner @ The Lobsterman, SS2

Deardo's parent was in town again few weeks back and Deardo's dad suddenly suggested that we go and have lobster because they have never eaten lobsters before. And that includes Deardo himself. So off we went to The Lobsterman for a lobster feast! Woot~!!!
See those live fresh lobsters ready to be nommed???
They have fresh oysters too!
And they let us kill our waiting time with crayons and paper on the table.
Deardo's parent with little Yue Yue.
So... The menu says, RM98 per lobster at 550g and you can choose what kinda method you want them to be cooked.So for six of us, we ordered two lobsters, another half (I think) came with the cheese baked rice and another meat dish to answer the hungry guys who just can't live without meat...
Char Grilled Lobster.
Char Broiled Lobster the American Traditional Style.
Super awesome wedges!!!
Lobster Cheese Baked Rice.
Mixed Grill.
We find the Char Grilled Lobster too dry without any paste or gravy, but the the American Traditional Style lobster was simply superb. Love the taste of the paste that comes with it, and the texture of the lobster was seriously fresh.Yummy~! I also especially love the wedges that come with the lobster dishes! The potatoes itself has a really different texture and the hard and crunchy flour coating the potatoes were damn nice too! The Lobster Cheese Baked Rice is a truly must try for anyone who is going to the restaurant! Seriously! It's so flavourful and delicious!!! I'm certainly not a fan of the mixed grill and I would totally skip that if there is a second visit.
Look at those FAT lobster meat!!!

Overall, the restaurant serves really fresh and some yummy lobster dishes. Of course, my top choice is going to be the rice dish, but let's stick to the basic and skip the meat next time around, okay? Unfortunately, we had really bad experience with their services, especially from this lady who looks and sounds like the owner, so that kinda leaves a black mark on our visit.

With two drinks and a bottle of mineral water, plus taxes and service charges, the bill came up to RM356.45 and most of the guys weren't even full! Ha! I guess it's just a total enjoyment of having the luxury to have lobsters that makes the price worthy lor... But yes, we shall indulge ourselves like this once in a while, isn't it? *wink~~*

The Lobsterman
53, Jalan SS2/30,
47300 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: 03-7877 6772


Hayley said...

Haha, the crayon thingy is very thoughtful!
Well from the photo, I prefer the lobster cheese baked rice ;)

ShiRLeXia said...

Hi Hayley! Yes, the Cheese Baked Rice was my favourite too! :)