Friday, July 20, 2012

Update yaw~!!

Hi all!
It's 20th of the month and I've only posted one blog post?! It seriously annoys me whenever I'm too busy at work that it has taken my time for my blog! Aaaarrrrggghhh...
Hair has grown longer and need a trim VERY SOON!!!
I have so much to blog about! The house, Lina's wedding, food review, etc but for a start, I will just summed up some stuff in one post!

Went to Lina's wedding on Father's Day (she seems to like to have her big days on some other big days) and it was by far, the grandest wedding I've ever been too. Yes, taking Chinese, Malay and Indian weddings into account! But her gown and the set-up of the stage were simply gorgeous! Such an eye-opener for me and Revathi it made us look so suaku!
Look at that!!! It's like a freaking castle!!!
Us, the 1Malaysia combination again! And don't we look so colour-matchy? :p
Added a touch of Chinese on the ang pow packet I gave to Lina!
Oh yea, I saw a lot of pictures with me in her wedding video! But that's not the main thing lar of course... I actually had tears in my eyes when I saw her hugging her dad and both of them cried in the video... Still cannot imagine the day when Papo has to giveme away. Seriously, is there any ways that I can stay with Papo and Mamo and still call myself someone's wife?
*Check out other pictures from the beautiful wedding here.

Went back to Taiping two weekends ago just for a short weekend and managed to stuff as much food as possible before I came back to KL! LOL!
The yummy and cheap breaky I like and can only be found in Taiping!
Then a trip with Deardo's car club gang to Kuantan where we were supposed to eat our hearts out but I thought the food was just really so-so. The hotel and beach were also quite a letdown. The atmosphere was a little weird too this time around for some reason. Hence, the only interesting I found is that the Kuantanese are quite cute when it comes to signboards!!!
Seriously, people in KL should learn to do such signboards! I think people will actually feel bad throwing trashes out of the car! LOL!

Showcasing one of the few latest buys (because I stopped shopping for clothes for quite some time now)! Summer mint denim from Forever 21 and a top I got from flea market! Love them to the max!!!
Work was taking up a lot of my time. I think it must be a pre-puasa thingy that everything just had to come at the same time! Sigh... :(
Just wrapped up an exhibition launch few days back and it was freaking tedious!!! Luckily what we got in the end of the night was some fine food and drinks! :D
Hard at work... Trying to explain stuff to a reporter. Looking damn serious yaw~!
When we were still quite sober drinking our glass of wine and Peruvian cocktail...
Love this picture of me and Jason!!!
Us turning red and crazy!!!
You know how you sometimes feel so tired of work or your working environment that you just feel like quitting? It is something that comes once in a while like you just feel so frustrated at work but you won't actually quit... Maybe until another few more years? I think I'm in that phase now. Many things happened during this busy period and it sometimes pisses me off or demotivates me. I'm sure you guys know what I'm talking about, right?
Oh well, I think I probably just need a break or just wait for things to change a bit, no?

So apart from work, what do I do?
Well I go to gym for Fit Camp, Fit Core and Zumba classes which I'm enjoying a lot!!!
And going for farewell lunch with colleagues like Eve, who is leaving us end of the month... :,(
Of course, Deardo and I are busy doing shopping for the house as well. Quite tough to find pretty and nice-looking things which are at the same time affordable! But I'll share more of the experience in my blog later on.
For now, time to get some dinner! :)

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