Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Our Country Home

When we first bought the house, we knew it will definitely take up a lot of time in the name-changing process, thus I wasn't feeling excited at all. Ya know me, always too realistic sometimes! So I had no plans or idea at all on what to do with the house until I watched The Help, the one movie which I love almost every one of the cast members, the story and the entire settings of the American homes during the 60s'. 
If you ask me, what inspired me to the theme of our house? I would proudly tell you it was The Help
Look at the kitchens! Love the combination of the colours man! 
In fact I think the modern American houses we see on TV or movies nowadays still have quite the same old American country-styled design. White colour wooden furnitures, cabinets, doors, plus some lighter colour or flowery wall paper and curtain to go with it. I FELL IN LOVE right away watching the movie and I told Deardo my decision (firmly) to have American country home as our theme of the house and luckily, he agrees! :)
Of course, my love for it cannot go too crazy! For instance, there is no way I'm going change my window frames from metal to white coloured wood. I cannot have too flowery stuff because hey it will look damn girlish for Deardo. Of course I think most importantly I don't want the house to look overly-old school because who knows one day when we want to sell the house off people find our house's design too old-fashioned?
Some photos I found online which looks damn close to my dream house! 
But ideally my house's wall should be a mixture of white and some light colours paint. Following my family's tradition, I've always prefer light colour than dark because Papo and Mamo believe your house will look bigger if it's brighter. So even before I decided on the theme, I knew in the first place, things like the brownish Balinese style is a no-no to me. Sky blue and mint were the first two colours that came into my mind and we have already made them colours to our room, kitchen and living room.
We spent nights to finish the painting! 
We always thought painting the house would be peanuts to us because hey, it's just a small condo unit! It turned out to the other way round! Freaking tiring okay! One piece of wall probably takes up half a day to paint! In fact, Deardo's slimmed down a bit painting the house! And we grew lazier and left the second room unpainted until today! LOL! We are planning to paint it this weekend and I'm thinking of doing the same sky blue or choosing another light colour to go with it. What do you guys think? 
Found the perfect look for our kitchen in this picture found online! 
At the moment, our kitchen looks like it's the most completed part of the house. And yes, the cabinets are white in colour and the wall is mint! So far, I only need to buy a new refrigerator because I totally hate the old one (being very anal about it and I want my Panasonic refrigerator!!!) and I'm going to buy a small moving table as an extra work station and storage space. I will share the kitchen experience in my later post. So at the moment, enjoy the snippet of our lovely kitchen in-the-making in the photo! :p
Can you already feel the country-ness of our kitchen??? 
Our living area is kinda complete because the painting of the wall are all done and we have our Ikea sofa which I personally love to the max and had to put them all up by ourselves (Papo and Mamo are the partial sponsor of the sofa set) and a new TV. Now what we need for the living area are a new TV table and coffee table which suits the theme nicely, which means they must be either white or light brown!
Still admiring the sofa set everyday now! LOL! 
If you ask me, I would say if you don't mind paying, it's better to get professionals to paint the house for you. But to be honest, there isn't regret of painting our house ourselves. You get a sense of satisfaction looking at it and most importantly our work isn't bad at all! Deardo's dad has been very helpful helping us to settle all things electrical because well that's his profession. He and Deardo also dismantled the old kitchen cabinets so that we can paint the wall before the Ikea people came to put up the new one. So we save a lot with his help too. :)
Deardo's dad even moved our door bell's speaker (whatever you call it) from one side of the wall to their other side! 
Next thing to come is our built-in wardrobe and built-in shoe cabinet. Although they won't be too country due to the limited choices we had to choose from, I'm still very excited about having them finally in our house! Then I can put up all my clothes and shoes properly, OFFICIALLY!!! No walk-in wardrobe like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City has but still! Having them built-in in stead of those small wardrobe and shoe cabinets is still damn cool! So I'm definitely not complaining!
More updates in my coming posts! :)

P/S: If you have unwanted home appliances or furniture which are still usable, you can call PASSO at 03-9021 1888 or 012-686 1633. They will come and carry the stuff away without any charges and bring them off for charity. I figured that is totally cool because even though I hate those old furniture in the house, they might still be useful to others! So far we've got them to take away the old sofa, a make-up table and an old mattress. I'll be calling them up soon to take away more stuff when we have the money to replace the old ones!


Hayley said...

Yep painting is tiring, so as other tasks...
But I'm sure you and your dear would be really happy and satisfied to see the end result, somewhere to call home ;)

ShiRLeXia said...

Yea Hayley, the 'somewhere to call home' is what I'm really feeling now! :)

yvonne said...

I love house makeover :D
And it's even better when we get mutual understanding with our spouses regarding the colors, concept, furniture and accessories. Less disagreement and argument.

Green is a good color for kitchen, although I personally prefer white which gets dirty easily. IKEA offers contemporary design, me likey! Too bad they don't do delivery to Taiping :(

Looking forward more photos of your love nest~~

ShiRLeXia said...

Well Yvonee, I must say the mutual understanding part isn't easy at all! He has his preferences and I have mine! We sometimes go into argument that's for sure!

I didn't know they don't go to Taiping! Anyway, we are still exploring their quality of the kitchen at the moment...

I shall share more when I have more stuff in the house! :D