Saturday, July 7, 2012

Buffet at Sizzler and the Rest of Perth Trip

This shall be my very last long overdue blog post on my Perth trip! And it is about food in Perth!
I went to Sizzler only once when I was studying in Perth, to celebrate my 21st birthday back then, if I'm not mistaken. I demanded to bring Deardo to Sizzler simply because it has a huge range of all-you-can-eat salad bar with stuff like pasta that would already fill your stomach up before your main course comes, unlimited drinks and dessert... Just what a guy is looking for! *wink~*
Oh how I've missed you too, Sizzler!
We went there for lunch and the package is a little different. You choose your main course and pay another AUD7 for the salad bar buffer and another AUD3.50 for the drinks, while at night you will pay around AUD22-AUD30plus to get a complete package. I actually saw a lot of those people who only pay for the salad bar and the drinks because they are already enough to make you damn full!
So Deardo and I each ordered a different steak dish. His Royal Rib Eye at AUD22 is much better than my Steak with Grilled Mushroom at AUD19. I guess it was because my sizzling plate sort of over-cooked the beef a bit so it was too tough to eat.
Our main courses.
Luckily I have the whole salad bar for me to enjoy! Fruits, pasta salad, shrimp salad, smoked salmon salad, lamb couscous, fresh green salad, you name it! I think even Deardo never enjoyed salad that much! And they have soups, bread and nachos too! That's why I said you can just have the buffet without ordering the main course!
Only the first round of salad. We went on for N rounds after that!!!
One of the other highlight is this free toast that came with your meal (and mind you, you can always ask for more for free too). The bread is super soft and crunchy! Seriously to die for man!
Missing the toasts already!!! :(
Although I'm never really a fan of dessert, I always reserve my stomach for dessert at Sizzler. Love their soft ice-cream where you can take as much as you want and top them up with all kinda confectioneries. I've not eaten too much of Pavlova (a famous Australian dessert) in my life but I do love the one at Sizzler! Yummy and not too sweet! :)
Ice-cream and Pavlova completed my visit to Sizzler! :D
I cannot be bother about dieting when I dine at Sizzler! I mean the amount of ice-cream I ate was already enough to kill whatever work-outs I did before that! I really love that place and how I wish they can open a branch in KL too!
Sizzler is an Australian brand and they have branches all over Australia. We were at Beldon the other day but you can check out their other locations too if you happened to be in any cities in Australia! Simply go to their website for more information!

Other notable food I had in Perth was the very famous seafood at Fremantle. There are a few restaurants there around the jetty and honestly, they are around the same. My favourite isn't the famous fish N' Chips though, it's the Chili Mussels!
They are so fresh and juicy!!! *salivating already ~~~*

I also tried a new place the night we went to Little Caesars and it is Green & Co. It is not hard to spot that fancy-looking cafe located at Leederville. It has all these big Ikea lights and the entire wall is pasted with a lot of random posters. The entire cafe is damn colourful and is really crowded at night!
The artsy cafe!
Since we were both damn full with the pizzas we had for dinner, we only went in out of curiosity and order a Sencha to share and surprisingly we love the really nice fragrant tea!
Well I'm not sure about the rest of their drinks and cakes, but people seems to be enjoying them! Most importantly it's such a cool place to hang-out!
Check them out at 123, Oxford Street, Leederville, WA.

This trip to Perth means a lot to me and Deardo. Besides my intention to show him around the city where I've spent two years living in, we also explored quite a lot of nice places which I've never been to before this. Plus the proposal has just made Perth, or rather WA so much more meaningful to both of us!
No matter how people say how boring Perth is and has nothing much to see blah blah blah, Perth is always special to me and seriously it is not as boring! And look at how much of yummy food you can find there! The only downside now is that the hotel rates are getting higher because of the mining activities, but that is only good for the city's development so that it can be more happening, right?
I really don't know when is my next trip to Perth, perhaps it will be another few more years or maybe never again but I'm sure I will explore the rest of Australia one day! :)
Check out my photos from the Perth Trip at Album 1, Album 2, Album 3 and Album 4.


Hayley said...

No wonder you like Sizzler so much, the food looks really yummy! Me hungry already..... :P

ShiRLeXia said...

Hahaha mummy surely gets hungry faster!
You should try them when you go to your second Australia trip!