Friday, February 15, 2013

Foreign Movies Review


So... Turned out I was not as productive as I wanted myself to be in Taiping... Sigh...
Anywayz, I know it's CNY and you probably can't wait for my CNY post but I'm thinking of blogging about my long overdue movie reviews on the foreign movies I watched on board during my Russia trip first. They are mostly quite old movies but I did find jewel in them! :) CNY post... I promised hope that I can do it before I go back to KL.

Starbuck (Canadian film in French)
The movie talks about the main guy David, whom out of the need of money has donated his sperms during his teenage time and few years later the 533 children whom he has fathered came out to look for their biological dad, which freaked David out.
It is obviously a very interesting story in the first place, very crazy but pretty cool. Most parts of the movie are very hilarious especially when David was following his kids secretly to find out who they are and all that. I just wished that the movie can be a little bit more sentimental in stead of being so sad and negative sometimes. I mean, I see a lot of potential in making it a tearful movie but it just doesn't make you cry, just yet.
Patrick Huard, who plays David gave a very good performance overall, although I'm still not quite a fan because he was being so negative and reluctant in most parts of the movie.
I'm not quite sure if I would recommend you to watch this one...

The Intouchables (French)
I'm not hiding it, this is my favourite!!!
Based on a true story, The Intouchables is a movie about Philippe, an old and rich musician who is paralyzed after an accident who has been firing a lot of his personal assistant until he found Driss, a rude African who changed Philippe and his other employees life after being hired. I love the movie too much to say anything negative thing about it! I love how they present the story with such humour and in quite a casual way. It made me laungh and cry all at the same time! What I love the most is the story is about a white guy and his black personal assistant! Such non-racist movie! In fact, it's a true story you see! It's definitely a movie with probably very low budget, very simple true story but provides you with a lot of joy as you watch it! 
I totally love the chemistry between the main actors, Francois Cluzet and Omar Sy. They both gave such a solid performances too! And I think the movie has a very strong cast because even some of the small roles see very great acting in them too!
I will certainly recommend you to watch this one! WATCH THE INTOUCHABLES!!! 

A Royal Affair (Danish)
Also based on a true story, the movie is about a young queen married to an insane king, then fell in love with her physician. The story goes on to see how people found out about the affair and how they killed the physician and punished the poor queen.
Honestly, when I heard the movie is nominated for the Oscar this year, I was like SERIOUSLY??? Don't you feel the story itself is already damn boring? The movie is slow, uninteresting, and so sad!!! Like you feel so negative watching the entire movie! Yucks! I mean, sorry guys, there must be a reason the movie is nominated for the Oscar but I don't know how to appreciate this one...
I don't see any nice acting as well and I don't know is it an European and Asian's difference in taste or what, but all main actors and actress don't look good as well! I mean, aren't the queen supposed to be very pretty? And the guy she is supposed to be having an affair with should look damn hot? Sigh...
Nah... Not my cup of tea! 

Now let's hope I'll have some time to catch some latest movies soon! :)

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