Wednesday, February 27, 2013

High on Keropok Lekor?

I appear to be pretty hyper today. There must be something wrong with the one piece of keropok lekor I ate or the lunch I had just now. Or... It's just all the stress and pressure which I'm trying to avoid talking about because arrrhhh... the word 'busy' is BORING!!!


Anywayz, since I'm in a hyper mood, I figured it's best not to waste it and I should make full use of it to blog! Normally my blog post will turn out to be super fantastic under this type of circumstances! LOL!

I figured I did not actually blog about the company's annual dinner late last year and so here you go...
Evil queen with the poison apple, did you get that?
Jason as vampire... I don't know whether he wanted to be Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner... Either way, I think he is best to be a Chinese vampire instead while the evil queen has stolen Harry Porter's glasses to act geek!
Trying damn hard to not laugh... 
Gungho gang!!! 
If you haven't realise, the theme of the annual dinner was Mystical, Mythical, Magical and my whole idea was to be the evil queen with a low budget! Hence my black fishtail dress and the collar necklace are all old stuff. Only thing I spent was the cheap crown on my head... And the apple that I stupidly carried around everywhere I went... I must have looked super silly that night! :p

The Oscars has just finished and I must say I enjoyed the show! Seth MacFarlane did a great job, better than what he did in Ted that's for sure! Good voice and quite a handsome dude too! Love all the musical performances too! And didn't I get it right that Argo was going to win Best Film? Of course I'm extremely happy and proud that one of my favourite actresses Jennifer Lawrence (though I wouldn't mind if it's Jessica Chastain too, hehe) won the Best Actress Award. Check out this super cool and hilarious video of her backstage answering journalists' (sometimes stupid) questions...

I JUST LOVE HER MORE after watching the video!!!
Fashion wise, the top 3 in my personal favourite list are:
Charlize Theron in Christian Dior... Simple colour, but unique cuts and details! 
Sally Field in Valentino. No need to show flesh yet so gorgeous! 
Naomi Watts in Armani Prive. Some said it's a disaster but I think it's sophisticated, glam and  sexy. 
Conclusion is: Charlize always get it right whenever it comes to red carpet events (and I love the hair cut!!!), Sally Field proves that age is just a number when it comes to looking-good and being fashionable and Naomi Watts can be a winner even without an award. 
And sorry Anne, only this time, I cannot agree with your dress... :(
What say you guys?

I also have a lot of movie reviews which I think I should just sum them up here in conjunction with the Academy Awards. Oscar heat is still on yaw!!! = =|||
Brave (Best Animated Film winner) - Not bad but can be better in making the story even more touching, especially the ending of the movie.
Ted - Overrated. Just because a teddy bear can talk, swear 24/7 and f**k girls all the time doesn't make it any funny. Sorry Seth, you tried too hard on a poor teddy bear. Looking forward to your coming project with Charlize Theron though! :)
The Amazing Spide-Man - I am not impressed and Andrew Garfield can try playing Garfield in stead. Full Stop.
Pitch Perfect - Cliche story line, awesome songs and music arrangement and Rebel Wilson rocks!!!
The Dictator - Funny nonsense, good entertainment.
Skyfall - Not bad but this is so not the 'so-called' best bond movie! And why no focus on bond girls this time? Aren't you guys out there disappointed?
Flight - Good message from a well-done movie. But gosh, why did they have to make such a big movie to tell you to stop drinking!
Journey to the West (西游) - There were funny moments especially when the main guy started to sing the children rhyme but other than that, this is the second lousiest Stephen Chow's movie, just behind CJ7.

Okay, time to ciao! Bai~!


Yan said...

Muahaha! You guys look so funny, but have lots of fun. Who's care right?

ShiRLeXia said...

Yeah... Seriously who cares?
We did have a lot of fun though, especially when it comes to posing together with weird props and poses...