Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Fashionable CNY 2013!!!

Due to my busy schedule before the CNY this year, I haven't got a lot of time to do a lot of shopping for new clothes. I did get some new clothes here and there but some others are just old ones that look just right for the festive season. As usual, I had Ducum to help me take some photos to showcase these CNY fashion!
Here we go~!

Day 1: The Red & Black Contrast
Some said black is the lucky colour for Rats (in Chinese horoscope) so I guess this simple yet pretty dress I got just about 3 days before I came back to Taiping was a great choice to wear on first day of CNY. What I especially like about the dress is that it is so casual that I can also wear it to work (so a very practical buy) and the fact that it is a mini fishtail dress cos the dress has a slightly longer back just made it so much more cooler! 
Dress from Pudoudou at Lala Land, Sunway Pyramid, RM79.90. Wedges from Charles & Keith sales (forgot how much was it), very diva-ish earings from Aldo Sales, RM40, very diva-ish lipstick two-hole ring from a bazaar. 

Day 2: The Cute Colours
Got this cute dress from Bugis during my trip to Singapore for XT's wedding. It was the one and only piece of outfit I got from the super busy and crowded place. It is with a light pink base, with some pieces of bright pink and turquoise cloths patched on the bottom. Love how it makes me look so young! :p

Dress from a random shop in Bugis, SGD19.90. Very old hairband from a bazaar, very old necklace from Promod, very old multi-coloured bangles. Super cool-looking two-hole ring from Diva sales, RM21 and grey heels from Forever 21, RM79.

Day 3: The Princess Look with a Vest-Kick
The cream colour dress isn't new but this was only the second I wore it. The tulle material is one of my favourites now that I'm looking at bridal stuff a lot and I totally think tulle makes a dress looks so much more cuter! I put on the vest just so to cover a little bit of my fat!
Dress from H&M, RM79. Very old vest from Sub Zero. Same hairband, necklace and wedges as above.

If you realise, I didn't dye my hair this CNY because I would be doing that later for our pre-wedding photo shoot as well as our wedding so I left it as it is for CNY!

Oh wait!
Of course the Tan sisters had their photo shoot too! In fact I think my sisters are getting more diva now! They have dyed their hairs with cool colours and bought some really nice clothes! Ducum actually does better make-up than me you know!
As though we were doing a photo shoot for an all-girl band album or something! Don't you think so??? K-pop, K-pop! LOL!
This year 4e joined in for two photos and we love how they turned out to be! Check them out!!!
4e definitely doesn't act like her age! Oh... That was certainly, definitely, 100% total compliment, 4e! :p

As the popular saying says, we save the best for the last! Even Ducum's friend told her much earlier that he will be waiting for our annual crazy family photos! Were you also waiting for our family photos???
Here you go then~! :)
Papo was out in the morning so we took some with Mamo first. She looks uber cute in the second photo!!! Ha!
The boring one.
The not-so-common one.
The super cute one. Look at Papo and Mamo!!! :D
The movie poster-inspired one. Guess which one?
Bridesmaids it is! How close were we???
By far everyone's favourite! The random one! Papo's expression is priceless! 
Well, we did LOL a lot taking those photos and I'm so thankful that once again, Papo and Mamo are sporting enough to answer to all our funny requests in posing for these photos! End up we have another set of fabulous and fun looking family photos! Yay! Huat Huat Huat Aarrrrrr!!!
So which one is your favourite, guys? 

Heading back to KL soon but hey, CNY is still considered on! So Happy Chinese New Year to all of you and may only the good things come! :D

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Yan said...

Interesting and funny post. I like all your shots here. You do have a bunch of very sporting family members, your 4e, mamo and papo. Looking at your pictures make me so happy.

ShiRLeXia said...

Thanks Yan! I think my Papo and Mamo became more sporting only recently! Hahaha... Because now that we have grown up we also dare to ask them to play along...

Hayley said...

Hahaha, your whole family is really posers! Especially the sisters, hehe, cute!

ShiRLeXia said...

Yeah... I think it's a girls' thing! Don't you think so?

LayJinG said...

Love your dresses especially the day 2 one! haha... YES, can't wait to see your annual family photo! Lovely family!

ShiRLeXia said...

Thanks so much Lay Jing!
I do hope that next year I can still have time to take those family photos!!! :)

yvonne said...

Nice and unique family portraits! Unlike those conventional studio photos, very traditional and serious one.

Enjoy looking at yours, you and your sisters are good with poses.

Happy Chinese New Year!

ShiRLeXia said...

Thanks yvonne!

Happy CNY to you too! :)