Friday, March 29, 2013

Looking Back...

I have been collecting some old photos at home over the past two trips home in preparation for a possible slides video for our wedding. It always make me laugh looking at those old photos (actually I always laugh at my sisters' photos instead of myself lar, haha). 
Such a poser, thank to my 4e and Ah Ku! 
The truth is when I was in high school, I didn't know how to appreciate everything I had back then and was a very rebellious girl and looking back, I know I was very silly. I actually grew up in a family full of love, care and laughter not only from Papo and Mamo but from my aunts, uncle and cousins. That is why nowadays I find that my sisters and I laugh at every tiny matter super easily! I think that is cool cos that just made us all very happy-go-lucky and could find happiness the simplest way! In other words, we have more positive energy than others! :)
I certainly went through different stages of fashion sense... LOL! 
When I was still quite slim and Ducum was so big! Check out the stuff I've added on my t-shirt myself! Didn't I tell you I wanted to be a fashion designer back then???
I truly enjoyed my childhood and if I could turn back time, I'll probably want to be less rebellious and be closer to Papo, especially. He has been there for me when I needed money, when I was so stubborn about studying overseas he gave up a lot of stuff to send me off (knowing the risk is to see me not returning from Australia), and was even there for me when I was a silly crazy fan who wanted to travel to see my favourite swimmer back then! I can never really utter how much I am thankful to have him or how much I love him because you know, it's just not what we typical Chinese children do. So yea, Papo, I know you know can already lar! :)
Phew, I see part of my wedding speech done! LOL!
Back when we were younger Mamo would buy birthday cake for Papo and we would make birthday cards for him and in turns Mamo never had any birthday cake! LOL!
Since it is such a random post, I'll just share more random photos of myself more recently... 
Photos from Sin Fei's wedding photographer and hey I think  the Miss Emcee looks good! :p
Very recent photo of me at work with my students who were the emcees of the night.
Have a good weekend ahead guys! :D


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