Friday, March 15, 2013

Travel Smart with My Pocket Net!

Whenever I go on an oversea trip, the one very important concern I have is whether or not Wi-fi is provided free in the hotel because sometimes it hurts a lot (to the wallet) when you need to actually make long distance calls or even sending SMS from a foreign country. Of course, the last thing you want to do is to find out that the wi-fi at the hotel that you are staying in is totally chargeable, most of the time at a ridiculously high rate. Trust me, this is especially very common in Malaysian hotels. So freaking annoying! 

But if you are actually traveling to Malaysia very soon, either for a work trip or just for holidays, you do not need to worry no more! All you need is to rent yourself a portable Wi-fi device with My Pocket Net! It's like a bloody genius idea to provide those who are visiting the country on a short trip where Wi-fi-less is unacceptable but to get a permanent data plan or an internet line would be too fussy and too long term to spend on. Most importantly, the whole process can be done so easily!

Register with myPocketnet as a new user.

Choose your rental period, data plan, delivery location (any homes, hotels or offices) and pay online!

Once you have received the device, turn it on and ta da~ You are connected! :)

Return the device at myPocketnet drop box located at the airport (and that means both KLIA and LCCT) within 24 hours at the end of the rental period.
I heard you can easily find these boxes at the airports! 
So from now on, you can browse the internet as much as you can regardless of locations when you are travelling to Malaysia! It's so convenient! Like if you just had an awesome bowl of Laksa at a hawker centre where there will be no internet access, you can still post a photo of the bowl of Laksa onto your Instagram, FB or Twitter with My Pocket Net! Suddenly your boss or your wife is looking for you while you are enjoying your Laksa, instead of paying heaps for the expensive roaming charges, get connected to the internet with the My Pocket Net and talk to them through Whatsapps, Facetime or Skype! I checked out their rates and they are totally affordable too, especially judging from how convenient it will be for those who need to be on-line most of the day!
So yes, travelling to Malaysia isn't that bad anymore (robbery cases aside) because you do not need to pay the hotels extra money just for some super snaily-slow internet! :) 
Log on to My Pocket Net to find out more! 

P/S: I did not get paid to write about this. I'm just helping a friend (relative?) to promote his latest business venture. I mean, I myself is impressed with this brilliant idea because duh... I remember even Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre doesn't provide free Wi-fi until last year when our students did a survey with the conferences attendees and they requested KL Convention Centre to have Wi-fi within the centre! That is how bad Malaysians are in providing free Wi-fi to the public! So Eric, well done mate! :) 

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