Tuesday, March 5, 2013

CNY Activities

I used to hate Chinese New Year when I was a teenager. I hate the CNY songs, the same old CNY delicacies and dishes and worst of all, the compulsory needs to always say hi to those relatives whom you don't know most of them or some who would just come with whole bunch of kids but only one adult! Damn annoying lor! 
Well, I still don't really like CNY songs and those annoying guests who come with bunch of kids just for the ang pows. But after skipping it for two years during my studies in Perth, I have learned to appreciate the festival more, especially the fact that that is probably the only time in the whole year that you get to see your friends and relatives!  

As usual, we had a lot of good food this year but due to the coming big day, I've restrained myself from over-eating. I did succumb to temptations especially on those oily deep fried stuff but overall I think I did quite well! :p
Our reunion dinner prepared by our 83 year-old Ah Ma! 
The only 'cookies' Mamo made this year - Sinful Deep Fried Seaweed and I couldn't stop eating them!!! Arrrhhh... 

Visiting is a must and hanging out with my cool parent, relatives and cousins are always the best thing to do during CNY!
Me, Tan sisters, Tessa, Mamo and 4e posing with Ah Ma on first day of CNY!
Met Uncle Krishnan after some years! 
Just another weird photo of the cousins! :p
They were discussing about something scary I think during our drinking session at night! Look at their faces!
Sorry Jan, this is the best one and your eyes are shut! 
I enjoyed cooking with Mamo as well! :)
Artsy photo taken at Dua Go's house. 

I spent a total of about nine days in Taiping and I'm proud to say that I've gone hiking at Maxwell Hill five times in total! Ah hem... Talk about will power when it comes to slimming down for the big day man!!! I don't know myself but one of my colleagues actually asked how come I look like I've become slimmer after the CNY holiday? Maxwell Hill is the best man!!! Gaaaahhhh... Need more of the hiking!!! 
Went with Ducum once and it was her first hike since more than 10 years! 
Taking on the challenge like a man!!!
And Ducum started to feel nausea! LOL!
The only time I feel so good because I'm now fitter than my younger sister! Yesh!!! :p
Before we headed back to KL, we had a lot of fun unpacking those hampers we got this year. Honestly, are people getting richer or what? We got more hampers than ever this year! Oh wait, did some of them come with political reasons? Hmmmm... 
Some mad woman trying to grab all the freebies available...
We found treasure!!!
Don't you remember these old school candies??? 
Only Ducum and Vivian took all the candies and biscuits cos eh hem, big sis aren't allowed to eat all those bad food!
And this... Is so UNCOOL!!!
The horror moment when we found all these firecrackers damages on 4e's branded car. 
While I understand firecrackers are sort of fun and I love them heaps when I was a kid, but I do think that people should be more considerate. Firecrackers can be played but far away from someone's car man! So if you are parents to some kids, please help to educate them! Thank you very much!
And... By the way, since when did Malaysia re-legalise firecrackers? Hmmmm... 

This year CNY was actually a little quiet to me, but I think I had a lot of fun hanging out with my family members rather than going out here and there meeting other random relatives. Next year will surely be a different story all together. I sometimes wonder... Will I actually cry of homesick at Deardo's house next CNY? Even though our houses are like 5 minutes apart? LOL!!! You married women should share with me how to handle that, maybe???

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Yan said...

Nice update. You have a very fun filled CNY, good to be active too. Hiking is definitely good to reduce weight.

ShiRLeXia said...

Hi Yan!

Yeah! We don't have such places for hiking here in KL... :(