Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cool Purchases for our House

Ever since we started our wedding-planning end of last year, progress of our house have been slowed down quite a bit. I think until the day we got married, our house isn't completely fix yet. Nonetheless, we have stay in the house for more than a year now and are surviving well with whatever we have at home! :)
Our lovely dining area - Extendable Dining Set was a gift from Deardo's Ah Ma (from Ikea), side table and Billy book cabinet from Ikea as well, picture on the wall from Kaison
Remember I made a list of stuff to get for the house here? Let's have a quick look at what we have done and what are still in the list, after a year time! Phew, time flies too fast!
1) Sofa set
2) Built-in wardrobe
3) Shoe cabinet

1) Master bedroom's bed+mattress
2) Master bedroom's make-up table
3) TV
4) TV table (cabinet)
5) Dining table set
6) Refrigerator
7) Kitchen work table
8) Curtain(s)
9) Chair(s) for entrance (so that we can sit and wear shoes)
10) Aluminum gate for front entrance gate
11) Steel window gate (may ignore this forever)
12) Lights
13) Glass display cabinet
14) Coffee table 
15) Sliding door for kitchen entrance (decided not to have)
16) Sliding door for back toilet
17) Cupboard for keeping of documents, books and etc

Looks like we have done quite a lot! In fact, looking at the list, most of the leftovers require a lot of money to buy, e.g. refrigerator and curtains, which is easy to understand why we have to keep them aside at the moment.
Our kicthen side table from Ikea
I think we were lucky enough that we have gotten some freebies from relatives. For in stance, we got our dining table set from Deardo's Ah Ma and our Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine from 4e. We also 'sort of' got our Panasonic rice cooker for free as we redeemed it with our credit card points! Planning to redeem more with our points soon cos I think that's the smartest way to make full use of the points! :p
While we got most of our furniture from Ikea, I also got a lot of decor items from Kaison (oh I love their canvas pictures that we have three of them in our house!), I also got some country home theme-matching decors from mostly online shops. So today, I would like to share some of my good buys!

In the kitchen...
I bet you can guess what's this cute and white little squirrel is doing on our kitchen table? It is a rice scoop I got from I love it because it is not only functional as a standing rice scoop (so you can leave it standing in stead of leaving it on a plate after scooping rice), it serves well too as a little decor in our kitchen! Best of all, it's RM6 only! I also bought a very good lid holder at RM 5 from them and I must say their stuff are often so creative yet affordable! :)
This 3-in-1 cling wrap-aluminium foil-kitchen roll dispenser is by far one of my favourite buys! I bought it from an on-line shop which unfortunately shut down not long after I received this from them. It was slightly over RM100 but it is a German made product with one year warranty! It works extremely well to me because then I don't need to find extra spaces for the three items in my kitchen cabinet because they are now all mounted on the wall. The blade also cut off the cling wrap and aluminium foil perfectly so no messy cuts! Best of all, they made the top dispenser for the cling wrap removable so you can actually take it up to wrap whatever you want then put it back! How smart! Love it! :D
Hidden in the drawer is this cute vintage box I got from CountryVictoria Decor, I've shared with you guys before as I got my bridal bouquet for my pre-wed shoot from them as well! I bought it because of the compartments where I can store my tea bags in it for easy viewing, especially when there are guests in our house! Yeap, just like how you see them in the hotels! *wink~*

In the living room and our room (duh, that's all in my house man. LOL!)...
Also got this very pretty vintage dustbin (yes, dustbin also needs to be vintage okay) from CountryVictoria Decor and it sits right next to the couch and our coffee table! Lovely, isn't it?
This is another cool item I got from, which is urm, probably not so country home kinda stuff cos it looks kinda modern. This pink (at least the colour is still pastel colour) tissue box comes with small compartments on top (me love compartments) where we can use them to store small items too! How useful, right?
It was really easy when I wanted to look for a basket to put our keys right beside the entrance. I got this cute basket with a polka dots cover from Daiso for of course, 5 bucks! :)
I've purchased quite a lot of stuff from Typo, the brand under Cotton On. I love their stuff because they are often super funky, cool and old school. Unfortunately their stuff aren't very cheap but I couldn't help... :p This mint colour mails holder to me, was a great buy as I absolutely love the colour and it is seriously functional! Flowers at the back from Kaison.
I've forgotten to snap a picture of my hanging clock from Kaison which is really pretty and cheap too. But here are my two table clocks for the living room and master bedroom also from Typo. Just the right old school clocks for our house! :)

Unlike Deardo, I always look for aesthetics more than functionality. I need my stuff to look nice, really. Which explains why I have to make sure most of the decors and furniture are strictly theme-matching to the house's country home concept! Ha! Just me lar, har! Do you like my cool buys too? 


Hayley said...

I am like you, I prefer things with beautiful looks more than the functions of it, hehehe...

ShiRLeXia said...

Hahahaha... *High 5~*