Friday, June 28, 2013

I'm a Sucker for Coloured Wedding Gowns

Yes, a real big sucker for coloured wedding gowns!
Ever since I started looking for ideas and inspirations for my wedding gowns, I knew it has to be non-white. Reason being, I already have my white gowns from the bridal house so if I'm going to spend extra on another piece of gown, it should be something totally different. Something you won't normally find in the bridal houses around town.
My recent obsession... 
As I've mentioned earlier, my gown is a Vera Wang inspired gown and of course, it is not white! While I'm not sure if it is her who started the trend of non-white bridal gowns (cos she does have a lot of non-white bridal gowns in her collections), I'm damn sure that wearing non-white to walk down the isle isn't something new. I think especially in Europe or in the States the ang moh brides love wearing coloured gowns for their weddings, especially when it is garden theme wedding. 

Last year, Jessica Biel married Justin Timberlake in a Giambattista Valli's full pink gown. While it was not too bad a dress, I think it would be a bit too sweet for someone like me.
Everybody was talking about the pink gown when this cover was out!
If you ask me, I actually prefer Anne Hathaway's Valentino wedding gown with just a small dash of pink at the bottom. Oh my, that gown takes my breath away! 
This looks so romantic!!! 
Oh yes, doing research on wedding gowns has made me into a true fashion freak. I got to know some good designers who design super gorgeous gowns, be it for weddings or for the red carpets. So much so that sometimes I look at a dress or a gown, I can actually guess who's the designer judging from the styles! So here are some designers that I couldn't help keeping myself busy checking out their collections every now and then:
Vera Wang
Vera Wang's Spring 2013 wedding collection focuses on red gowns.
Her latest Fall Collection is back to white colour but check out how details are the pleats! 
To me, Vera Wang is still the god of wedding gown designs. There might be a lot of designers out there making some really good work, but Vera Wang's designs are always very 'distinctively Vera'. The pleats, the circle of flowers, the details in the tailoring... Once you look at it, you will know it is Vera Wang. So far, there isn't any of her bridal design yet that I would say I hate. Seriously, all of them look fabulous, colourful yet manage to remain classy!

Oh my god!!! Pretty die me~!!!
Not long after I've confirmed my gown design with my tailor, I saw this piece of artwork in a bridal magazine and my jaw-dropped, literally! I was like oh man only if I've seen this slightly earlier!!! While he keeps the traditional white for the gown, he manages to incorporate the bubble gum colours into the boring white gown and it looks simply gorgeous!!! You know sometimes colourful stuff can make things a little la-la and trashy, but this piece of gown to me, is the best interpretation of perfect colourful gown! 

Oscar de la Renta
Amy Adams, Lea Michelle and Emma Watson are fans of  Oscar de la Renta. 
I have fallen in love with Oscar de la Renta without knowing it for a while. His works have been worn by numerous celebrities to several red carpets and they have caught my eyes so many times! His work are often very fluffy, detailed and grand-looking! 
Super super gorgeous!!!
One of his latest bridal collection with a twist of pastel blue are just sooooo my cup of tea! 

Reem Acra
Some of Reem Acra's bridal collection this year that I really love! 
While Reem Acra's bridal designs are still widely white in colour, I'm still a fan of her because of the unique ideas she has on her gowns. Her collection this year especially, look so modern and one-of-its-kind! Love them love them love them!!! 
The first time I saw and fell in love with a Reem Acra piece was at the Emmy Awards 2012 when Zooey Deschanel was donning her ice blue gown! 
Tell me you weren't amaze looking at Kate Hudson in this Reem Acra pastel mint dress! 
Olivia Wilde in a sweet pastel purple Reem Acra dress.
Though I'm not a fan of Taylor Swift, I am definitely a fan of her fashion. Guess what? She is a fan of Reem Acra too!
Of course, I know her earlier through some celebrities too as her evening gown (which in this case, to me, can me wedding gowns too) are often seen on the red carpets! And without a doubt, her works are always in the 'Best Dress' list of those red carpet events!

I really love wedding gowns or dresses with colours, or a dash of colours in a plain white piece. What about you? 
Would you wear something non-white at your wedding?

You know sometimes, looking at these beautiful dresses and gowns, it really makes me feel like turning time back to high school time when I chose to do journalism rather than fashion design! Look, these are nice dresses and gowns from designers which I cannot afford buying them. So how cool would it be if I know the skills to design and make them myself? 
Okay, I can't turn back time and yes, I have never regretted studying journalism anyway. I do however, recently have a thinking of a career change into fashion, although I don't know how or where or what can I do. But I realised that the passion in me for fashion may be good for a career in fashion. Well urm, let's see how!

Other updates on my coming wedding... Invitations are driving me nuts!
I mean, my invitation cards are not even done yet but the planning has to be done earlier because our wedding is going to be a small affair so seats are quite limited due to the size of the location. 
On one hand I want to include everyone in my department but there is just one person whom I would be lying if I tell you I love to see him on the happiest day of my life. You get what I mean, right? Yet, on the other hand people are telling me it's not right to do so, to just leave one guy out! And then came the special request from Mamo who wanted to include a far relative in my wedding in KL. She is that far that by looking at my name on the invitation card, she would have zero idea who is it that is getting married. Yet, it's a request from your dearest mother, no way you can say no to that, can you?
Do you guys face this kinda problem during your wedding preparation? I mean, it is making me damn stressed out! Should I listen to people telling me what to do or should I go with my heart? Is this my wedding or someone else's wedding???

Oh wedding preparation aren't easy! 


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