Saturday, June 8, 2013

Lazy Saturday's Crap

Hello there!
It's time for another random update post. Shall we start with a sneak peek of our pre-wedding photos?
Pretty or not?
I have another one on my FB which I believe a lot of you have seen it by now. All these are unedited photos actually and judging from the unedited photos, both Deardo and I are pretty happy with them. So I consider ourselves being quite lucky so far for taking up the bridal package with a bridal house which is so far, very satisfying! :)
By the way, love my bouquet? The hydrangea are imported flowers! I got it from CountryVictoria Decor! I have bought a lot of stuff from her, be it functional or deco stuff for the house. Her stuff are very fancy, vintage yet affordable! :)

At work, I congratulated some of my award-winning students for their degree graduation recently. 
From Left: Aaron, Ee Lyn and Thiru, whom I'm very proud of! :)
Upon seeing them graduating from the university, it makes me realised that I've been stuck to the same company for three years now! That's the longest time I've ever stuck to a company! Woot~!!! I see that as an achievement, despite all the crazy workload! :p

Last month was also Deardo's birthday and because we are both quite broke now that a lot of deposits need to be paid for our wedding (trust me, you should really go into make-up, videography or photography business because you may earn big bucks man!), we celebrated it in an economical way.
First, we had lunch at Brotzeit, a German restaurant which normally serves quite expensive food, but their weekday set lunches are quite cheap and delicious! I've personally been there with my colleagues for many times but that was the first time Deardo tried it.
You know he was in a good mood when he bothers to pose for you like that! :p
Then at night, we had our own romantic birthday dinner at home. I made some Chicken Roulette with chicken chops with stir-fried shitake and button mushrooms, almond and rosemary as the stuffing (similar to my Stuffed Chicken recipe). It has two sides - the Brickfields inspired Indian Chickpeas (recipe here) and Kerabu Broccoli and Shrimps (Simply pre-boiled the broccoli and shrimps, then stir up with some lime juice, fish sauce, sugar, sliced onions and  Serai. Similar to my Kerabu Pork Belly recipe!). As for the gravy, I seriously just tried my luck! I simmer the chopped onions, then the two types of mushrooms. I then added in some cooking cream then some chili powder! 
Our birthday dinner went perfectly good with white wine!
My birthday boy! Or man?
Man that was a lot of work! But luckily the birthday boy was very satisfied with the dinner! I thought the dinner was not bad too, it has a mixture of all the different tastes and cultures in it! 

Who love my Voul-au-vent? Well, ever since I made it on Christmas last year, I've continue to try out different recipe with the leftover frozen puff pastry. You've seen it here and I've tried it with the leftover mushrooms from Deardo's birthday dinner!
Deng deng deng deng...
On a healthy night, we had the mushroom voul-au-vent with some greens and a cup of oat krunch shake as dinner.
Let's just call it Mixed Mushroom Voul-au-vent! It was nice and creamy, plus super easy to make! :)

Next up, a short update on little Yue Yue, Deardo's niece! 
Us, few months back.
Us, just last weekend! 
She is already one and a half year-old now and she can already call Deardo 'Kau Fu' in the cutest way you could imagine! Haha!

If you see the photo above, I was happily holding my shopping loot! It was a pair of Aldo shoes which was on half price sales. I love it so much that I've traveled to two malls just to get it and you bet I was super excited to have found it finally! *wink~*
I also tried this... In *you guess where* and I really love it! I don't normally wear long sleeves because of our weather, but this one is an exception. It looks really classy and the colour is just striking enough to catch my eyes! Too bad the size doesn't really suit me so... No buy! 
It was a no buy, did I make the right decision?
Last week, I was also very excited to finally found a perfect ring storage box for my rings (me, the rings obsess)! YAY~~!!! I've been looking for it for the longest time ever and I didn't know it can be so hard to find one! So now not only am I really happy that I've bought it for a good price, my rings will also be very happy as they have found comfy cushions to hang-out at! LOL!
I think they are enjoying the comfy cushions!
Till then, more updates soon! :)


Yannie said...

You do have so many rings. I don't own that many rings like you. You look so good in your bridal photo. You are a very happy bride. Congrats.

ShiRLeXia said...

Hahaha Yan, like I said, I'm obsessed with rings! Most of them big ones! :p

Thanks so much for the compliment! :)