Thursday, July 25, 2013

I'm (also) a Sucker for Hi-Lo Wedding Gowns/Dresses

So I am a sucker for coloured wedding gowns, that's right. But that's not all, I'm also a fan of hi-lo dresses, whether it is for casual wear or for bridal purposes. 
I think I started to imagine myself wearing a hi-lo wedding dress when I first saw Katy Perry's Hot & Cold music video few years back. And the fact that the skirt and the train can be removed just like that fascinated me!
Remember the dress???
I also saw this very nice piece on a Hong Kong blogger/celebrity Winnie Leung, which is nothing but COOL! Best of all, it is convertible too! So it can be one sided length dress or a long gown. Pretty cool, right?
I call this 'YENG'! 
I'm not really sure if it is a trend or what, but when I was searching for ideas, there were so many of them on-line!!!
I don't know about you, but I personally think some of them are soooooooo nice! And it's a breath of fresh air to the usual gowns! And you know how you can never showcase your wedding shoes under the long gown? Now here's the way to do it! *wink~*
So when I was making my gown with my tailor, I actually asked if she could just make it a hi-lo gown instead of following the original design. And she gave me a big no-no, saying it will spoil the whole gown... Then after a while when Deardo and I decided that we will be doing our church wedding more like a R.O.M, I grabbed the opportunity to ask for a tailor-made hi-lo dress and yes the quotation from my tailor is reasonable so I AM MAKING ONE!!! :D
Reem Acra.
Jason Wu.
I've been sketching my own dress for a while, adding changing stuff from time-to-time when I have or see new ideas before seeing my tailor to officially confirm the design. I am very sure that I'll be making it convertible so that I can wear the dress without the train after the wedding (no wastage!). I also want to make sure it is white as base but with a touch of pink simply because I'm not used to all white on usual days (being practical here). Well I guess since I'm planning to keep it and wear it after the wedding (unless any of you are interested to buy it), this one will be simpler than what you would expect from me. It is, after all a R.O.M. dress, not a wedding gown! 

So who is the one designer whom I adore the most in making hi-lo gowns/dresses?
The super awesome Zuhair Murad it is! 
Jaw-dropping designs!!! 
Seriously, his work are super duper gorgeous! The Pleats, straps, bling, tulle details... They took my breath away every single time I see them!!!
Well of course, they are also very-the-grand, so I'm just referring to his work for inspirations and not following entirely. Will definitely share more when I have more updates! :)
But will you wear a hi-lo dress/gown on your wedding day???

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