Sunday, July 7, 2013

Mamo's Birthday Treat @ Shin Japanese Restaurant, Taiping

Big hello from Taiping!
Surprise! Took this photo with Mamo right at the front door as I arrived to surprise her! :)
Made a last minute surprise trip back home to celebrate Mamo's birthday but am heading back to KL in a few hours time. 
Apart from the surprise visit and a pot of Daisies, Vivian (who also came back on Friday night) and I also gave the birthday girl a lunch treat at Shin Japanese Restaurant, the one restaurant in town that I've read so many reviews from bloggers and haven't been there myself.
Their Nigiri promotion is quite good! 
Located right in the middle of Taiping town, in the former Fajar building, next to Panorama Hotel, the Japanese restaurant is only the second Japanese restaurant in Taiping, besides the commercialised Sushi King. A glance through their menu, it is surprisingly complete with some dishes that you can rarely even find in Japanese restaurants in KL. Pricing is a little high for Taiping's standard actually, some are even more expensive compared to those in KL. Nevertheless, there are some which are cheaper too.
We ordered quite a lot to share for the four of us...
Kaisen Yaki Soba, RM12. 
Omelette Ramen, RM13.
Kimchi Yaki Ramen, RM13.
Cheese Snowcrab Nigiri, Salmon & Cheese Nigiri and Spicy & Sweet Roasted Salmon Nigiri, ranges from RM1.50-RM2 per piece, as per advertised in their 50% promotion sheet.
Yasai Itame, RM9.
Salmon Skin Karage, RM8.
Ika Hanasaki, RM6.
Kinoko Cream Mushroom Salada, RM11. 
Personally, I find their fried Ramen (for some reasons, we ended up ordering only Ramen) are pretty nice. Though they all came in different flavours, what I like about it is that they are not as oily. Their Nigiri comes is smaller portion of rice, which is perfectly fine for me, someone who is avoiding rice. They tastes not too bad too. The Salmon Skin Karage and Ika Hanasaki are okay, although I still think Sushi Tei has the best Salmon skins. The Kinoko Cream Mushroom Salad is basically boiled mushrooms with roasted sesame dressing and I think it would definitely tastes so much better if it was served cold.
Vivian & Mamo, Kupu (Ah Ma) and me! 
Overall, I was quite happy with the lunch. The food is definitely above average for a restaurant based in Taiping. I just wish their plastic chairs can be changed to more presentable ones. Together with four hot green tea and service charge, the bill came up to RM92.20, which is absolutely reasonable for the amount of food we had!
It's actually great that now we have a nice Japanese restaurant in Taiping, I mean a real one! Not those commercialised one. So, if you ask me, to avoid the crazy crowd in Tesco area, this is a much quieter and nicer place to hang out, especially when you are craving for Japanese meals in Taiping! :)

Shin Japanese Restaurant
Panarama Hotel
No. 61-79, Jalan Kota,
34000 Taiping, Perak
Tel: 05-8084111


Hayley said...

Yep, the price is somewhat higher in Taiping, but then it does taste good. Plus we more choice besides the boring Sushi King and Wasabi Sushi.

ShiRLeXia said...

Oh yea there is Wasabi Sushi! But I bet you also prefer Shin!
I enjoyed the food there and it is a joy for me to be able to have nice Japanese food back in my hometown! :)