Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I'm loving my constant random posts!
You know, I always have some big and small happenings in my life that I'm either too busy to write a whole long post about or too small a thing to dedicate it to one single post. So I guess the best way is to sum things up in this random post. Aye, people?

Deardo and I went to Cameron Highland for the second time last month and here are some snipets of the trip.
It is very obvious when I have a lot of pictures of myself taken during a trip that I was enjoying it!!! :)
Compared to our first trip, we went to some different places. We had real fun checking-out cool old school stuff at the Time Tunnel Galleria, had 4 cob of fresh, juicy Cameron sweet corns *oh yumzzz~*, bought flowers from the Pasar Malam and tried really yummy strawberry waffles and drinks at a strawberry farm! Check out my other pictures of the trip here.
I've recently fell in love with the Salmon skins at Sushi Tei, thanks to my colleague, Mad's recommendation. It is a dangerous addiction I know but I think I've had that for at least four times in the past two months! Please tell me they are NOT THAT fattening! PLEASE!!!
I can feel the yumminess only by looking at the picture!!!
I love it soooooooooooo much that I also brought the family to Sushi Tei when they were in town for a short weekend last month!
And thank god they love the food there!!! :)
And then, this one...
I really love this picture, I don't know why!!!
Either Ducum or Vivian took this for us and I bet you didn't realise that Deardo was trying to strangle me from the back! Ha! He do that to me all the time, don't worry. It's a freaking good neck massage. *wink~*
End of last month and early this month I actually said goodbye to two very nice colleagues and partners at work, Malcolm and Chong Lun. While they can be irritating at times, they have made our office life some much more fun!!!
Missing these guys already, really!
We did a crazy photoshoot before Malcolm left.
I think it was ages ago I last took this type of pictures with bunch of friends!
We had a farewell party for them a Neway Subang the other day and we had this freaking HUGE VIP room too ourselves! Phew~~~!!!
We were all really shocked and impressed!!!
I've been having loads of fun with my colleagues. Malcolm and Chong Lun were just two of them! We now go out for dinners and movies too sometimes! :)
Me, Mad, Lea and Jason at dinner before catching a movie!!!
I hope they won't leave any soon!!! Cos I'm already missing Malcolm and Chong Lun.:(
I call Salmon skin at Sushi Tei my addiction no.1. and I'm introducing to you, my addiction no.2!!!
This Curry Wild Boar at Tian Tian Lai Restaurant at Sunway has this really tasty and flavourful curry and the wild boar meat are so tender and yummy!!! I just had it for the third time in two weeks time yesterday! LOL!
And check out Little Yue Yue at her sixth month!
Some said she looks a bit like Deardo! What say you??? :p
And before I say goodbye, here are not only one but two goodbye kisses!
Dior came to our place and let us try their new range of lipstick and look at us! Red lips and black dresses! Sexy or not???

See ya maybe Friday okay??? :)

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