Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Famous Hokkien Mee Closer to Home @ Kim Lian Kee Restaurant, Sunway Pyramid

I've visited both the original Kim Lian Kee at Petaling Street and their small branch at the Heritage Food Village in Lot 10. I always love the fact that their famous Hokkien Mee has the most generous amount of pork lard and baby octopus so I was thrilled when I found out they recently opened a branch in Sunway Pyramid, which is like 10 minutes away from home! :)
Of course, this is a cleaner and quieter place to dine at compared to the one at Petaling Street, and possibly also the one at Lot 10. We also didn't know if the food would be as good or are their Hokkien Mee still done with charcoal fire? We gave it a try anyway!
Our Fried Hokkien Mee with Meehoon Mee in it, RM9.50.
Singaopore Fried Meehoon, RM9.50. 
Amaranth Soup (Spinach Soup), RM4.90. 
Taste wise, their Hokkien Mee is definitely on par with those we had at Petaling Street, the only difference is in stead of those cute baby octopus, they use those dried sotong here, which is quite a turn down. The Singaporean Fried Meehoon was also above averagely good. Not too oily and comes with whole loads of ingredients. The Spinach Soup (they call it Amarath Soup)  was ok lar, definitely not the best but with RM4.90 per bowl, I wouldn't complain so much! Of course, must eat your Hokkien Mee with their very nice chili paste too! 
Their service also damn fast although I wouldn't say all servers are well-trained. 
Us, really enjoying our dinner! 
Together with a pot of Heong Pin (Chinese tea) (RM5) and service charge, we paid RM31.80 for our dinner and I thought that was very reasonable!
I'm just so glad that I can now have one of the most famous Hokkien Mee brands in Malaysia so close to home! :) 

Kim Lian Kee Restaurant
Sunway Pyramid (right opposite Kim Gary)

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