Sunday, September 29, 2013

Brunch & Photoshoot @ The Bee, Publika

This is going to be a half-food review, half-pre-wedding photoshoot post.
Us posing in front of The Bee's very cool entrance. 
If you remember, I've mentioned earlier that our bridal house limited the places we wanted to go for our photoshoot, so we decided to have a simple casual shoot with our amateur photographer -Ducum Tan. I knew from the beginning that I wanted it to be at a cafe, somewhere with a vintage or old school atmosphere. So after some research, I decided that it should be The Bee at Publika because it has not only the feel I have, but also the vibrant colours, interior design and furniture. Plus, they are very photography-friendly, unlike some other F&B outlets who will chase you away when you want to do any photography session. So to The Bee, thanks so much!!! :D
Anyway, as a courtesy, I thought it should only be fair if I blog about their food too.
So here's what we ordered for brunch the other day...
Deardo's Chili Prawn Pasta.
My Cajun Chicken Wrap.
Ducum's Vege Pesto Penne. 
We basically ordered dishes from the Gourment Lunch Special which cost RM20 and Bargain Lunch Special at RM15, both come with drink. You can add on another RM5 to get a nice cup of coffee as well! The Chili Prawn Pasta that Deardo had is superb! The aglio olio style pasta was very nicely done and the prawns were surprisingly fresh but because they used chili padi, so it's not for those who can't take spicy! :p The Cajun Chicken Wrap was pretty nice too, with the spices taste pretty heavy and delicious. My only complain may be the too-simple side salad. Ducum's Vege Pesto Penne was the least favourite of ours as it was a bit too oily. 
Yummy Nachos to share. 
The Nachos Plate (RM16) is a must especially for a big group of friends/family to snack on. Very crispy, with generous amount of cheese over the top of the nachose and very very nice dip of salsa and guacamole! Definitely to die for!
Unfortunately, the coffee was just average, but I guess that's not their main thing anyway. :)
Everything, with the service charge and government tax, the bill come up to RM93.95. Still pretty reasonable if you ask me. Only difference is that we had the set lunch so prices will be slightly different if you go at night, I guess! But the cafe/bistro is very well known for the quality music they bring in at night for the live shows! So really should check that out one day too! :)

The Bee
36B, Level G2,
Publika Solaris Dutamas,
Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
03-6201 8577

The photoshoot was urm... A bit too casual, I think. Mostly because both Ducum and I couldn't control Deardo Wong when he refused to pose properly for us. Damn now he sounds like a small kid, isn't it? But in a way, that makes the photos a little more natural too because in real life we do act like that!!! Both out of control, should I say? LOL!
So here's just a little sneak peek...
Really, just us being us! :p
Nice? Another nice work of my talented sister, Ducum Tan! :D