Thursday, September 26, 2013

I Cherish...

So I celebrated my birthday yesterday, the last one with the '2' as the first digit in fact.
While I had a peaceful and simple, but meaningful and touching birthday, I would be lying if I tell you it was a worry-free birthday. The past few months have been pretty tough, although I won't say it's like life-threatening or anything like that lar.
Me in my new 'birthday suit' from Doublewoot on my birthday! :)
The department is going through a restructuring and changes to my job scopes have been made and I need to pick up new stuff real fast, while finishing some old shit as soon as possible too. Fuh... Very messy! Worst timing too as I'm preparing for the big day which has so many things to worry about: guests invitation list, RSVPs, purchasing of stuff, etc... Financially, Deardo and I are quite stuck because of the wedding, so that makes things really worst... Ahhhh... Sometimes it makes us wonder, do we really need a wedding? Really? Really?
But as the normally positive one among Deardo and myself, I told myself damn it, there must be things that are better in life to cherish rather than clinging to all these negative vibes, right? 
Our lovely students forced to sing birthday song to Lea and I, who are the September babies! 
So, as I celebrated my birthday, I must always remember how lucky I already am!!!

Having Deardo Wong by my side as my soul mate, pampering and loving me, even though at times he can be very difficult to deal with.
My birthday gifts from Deardo: A full-body massage session which was torturing yet satisfying and a Barbie doll of my choice just because he feels bad for me as I've never own any Barbie in my entire life. :p He has another gift for me which is still on its way! Talk about spoiling the fiance! 
Having caring and cute parent and other family members who despite their busy schedule, managed to remember my birthday and sent in wishes and presents from all corners of the country.
3e surprised me with the very yummy Turkish Delight cake! 
Having awesome colleagues who despite my straight-forwardness, chose to be my friends, treating me with wonderful gifts, meals and well wishes, plus never failed to help me out whenever I need them. :)
We went to Manhattan Fish Market for my birthday lunch and to our surprise, we have free soft drink tower and 3 freaking desserts for free just because it was my birthday!!! :D
Having lovely friends who might not be in touch with me all the time but never failed to send me birthday wishes on FB or SMS from all corners of the world.

Thinking of all these already put a smile on my face! 
So really, life wouldn't be life if it isn't challenging. So just keep calm and deal with it!!!
And oh yea, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! :D


WCL said...

Soon you'll welcome the digit 3... :D

You looked good in the 1st pic..

WCL said...

Can become SR ambassadress :O

ShiRLeXia said...

Hmmm... I shall take that as a total compliment!

LayJinG said...

Hey gal, you look great! Enjoy life, no matter how hard it may seem! Happy Friday!

ShiRLeXia said...

Thanks so much Lay Jing!
I hope you are enjoying life too! :D