Friday, September 6, 2013

Maddy's Big Day! :D

With my wedding happening in less than two months time, I believe I still have a lot to share about the the preparations but then again, a lot haven't been done yet! *freaked out~* So yea I think better do those stuff first before blogging about them!
So my colleague, Madeleine's wedding was quite close to mine, so most of the time we shared our experiences and researches on wedding stuff. In fact, we are actually using the same photographer and videographer for our weddings!
For her wedding, I had the pleasure to not only attend her wedding, but also her hen's night, which was also my first hen's night experience (me the suaku).
Yay! We booked the entire spa just for the bridal shower! 
We pampared ourselves with some manicure and pedicure (my first pedicure experience, another suaku part of me) at Posh Nail Spa at TTDI and I don't know about Maddy, but I really enjoyed the session! Ha! 
Loving my first pedicure experience!!!
And then off we went to Tabletalk at TTDI for dinner!!!
Stuffed Chicken Wing, RM15.
Wagyu Beef Patty, RM38. 
Chicken Parmesan, RM26.
Carbonara Beef, RM15.
Overall the food were pretty good, I must say! I love my Wagyu Patty which comes with a really nice and creamy gravy. I tried the Parmesan Chicken and it was quite nice too, although I would prefer it to be chicken chop than chicken breast. The must try here would be the Stuffed Chicken Wing. Very nicely done, flavourful but not oily, a real perfect starter! 
And then we got free desserts!!! Wheeee~~~!!!
And the boss who was nice enough to give us FOC desserts! 
We were kinda playing some games and Maddy got to get someone to buy her a drink and we smartly asked her to ask the boss to buy her a drink and that's when he also served us the desserts for free! So to the boss, if you are reading this, thanks! :)
Us all with the then-bride-to-be! 
The entire atmosphere of the restaurant is pretty nice, although it doesn't have fancy designs and all. Prices of the food are also quite reasonable. I'm really looking forward to go back to try their breakfast one day! Anyone?

*Photos credit to Lea.

No.4, Jalan Datuk Sulaiman,
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail,
68000 KL
Tel: 03-7733 7718

Our little doorgift. 
Maddy's wedding was quite a simple yet romantic one. We had tears in our eyes looking at their akad nikah video and hearing her funny yet touching speech!
Me with Maddy who was still in tears! 
Maddy was stunning! I especially love her hair piece (picture above) I wish my make-up artist has similar one! 
Catching-up with Ducum Tan...
Of course, we had fun ourselves having a little rendezvous with some ex-colleagues, making a lot of noises (we were definitely the noisiest and loudest)! LOL!
Group picture! 
Us pulling a Miley Cyrus! 
Jason, whom we miss very dearly. 
One of my closest colleagues, Lea. 
Me and the diva, Matthew! 
*Photos credit to Lea and June.

It was great to have a wedding before mine to see what are there to learn and what are there to refer to. But I supposed our weddings have very different styles, so I have basically no pressure in making mine better, or whatsoever. I think for now, the pressure comes from myself, and sometimes Deardo as we got a bit more excited in the entire planning. Clashing of opinions, differences in thinking really show in the process but I guess compromise is the major major word here! 
Till then, stay tuned for more updates guys!  

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