Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Coffee, Anyone?

I was banned from drinking coffee since very young, but have recently grown into loving coffee more and more. Honestly I'm not really sure if that's entirely a good thing, ha!
Well, with cafes being the latest trend in KL, I've stepped my foot into most of them so far, trying out their coffees one by one and am now ready to share my views on them. Note, though, that I wouldn't say I'm a coffee expert because I'm really just a coffee lover who still enjoy my coffee with milk and dash of sugar. Hence, this review is purely based on personal opinion!
So here we go!

Coffea Coffee
Our first visit with Little Jolie at the Telawi branch my my cup of Caramel Macchiato.
Branches: Jalan Telawi Bangsar, SS15 Subang Jaya with new outlets coming up in Sunway Pyramid and The Curve
The Coffee: To me, they have the best Caramel Macchiato of all. Very smooth and the caramel isn't too sweet as well. Latte and Cappuccino aren't too bad too. They have a hot seller in the Peanut Butter Latte which I feel it's really just like Milo or Ovaltine, not too special yet it's a good choice when you are sick of any other usual coffees. Overall, they also have the best variety of coffee for you to choose from.
The Service: So far, I've only encountered really friendly staff. Thankfully they only hire staff who speak good English and that's a very good plus point. 
The Atmosphere: The branch at SS15 is way better than the one at Bangsar basically because their smoking area is upstairs so you won't get the smoke smell so easily. Nevertheless, both outlets annoy me all the time with the choice and volume of its music played. I've noticed a few times when the crowd become crazy, they tend to turn on the volume more, hoping to chase us away so people can have our table. Really, that sucks BIG TIME!!!
The Price: Slightly on a higher range
Peanut Butter Latte (hot and cold) and me sipping my coffee! 
Verdict: Great service, nice coffee but lousy atmosphere. 3.5 out of 5

Coffee Societe 
Different branches, same great Latte! :)
Branches: Publika and Garage 51 by Coffee Societe at PJS11, Sunway
The Coffee: Have only tried their Latte and Cappuccino so far and I definitely love them! Smooth coffee with very nice aroma. Certainly one of my top choices.
The Service: Nothing fantastic yet no bad experience yet so far.
The Atmosphere: Pretty quiet with relaxing atmosphere but it would be great if their outlets can be extended a little bit more because all their outlets are quite small actually.
The Price: Very affordable with a cup of Latte or Cappuccino priced at RM7.90 each! ME LOVE!!! :D
Coffee made with lots of love.
Verdict: Certainly one of THE BEST!!! Plus, they serve very delicious comfort food too! 4.5 out of 5
*My earlier review here.

One of my favourite coffee places when I'm out with my bestie, Karen! 
Branches: Empire Shopping Gallery Subang and 1Utama
The Coffee: Certainly smells damn good that you can constantly smell them from far. Their Latte is definitely one of the best I've ever tried. Tried their signature Mochacinno Con La Nutella once and am a big fan of it (just avoid ordering it since Nutella can be very fattening). It's really something very unique that you can enjoy coffee while noming the sinful Nutella at the same time! Pretty perfect if you ask me!
The Service: I reckon the service at Empire is friendlier than those at 1Utama, hands down!
The Atmosphere: 1Utama's branch is definitely a better choice in this area because it is quite secluded with bigger space, hence very quiet and comfy to hang-out at.
The Price: Also slightly on a higher range.
Verdict: Very casual cafe with awesome coffee (and cakes perhaps, if you love butter cakes cos I hate them). 3.5 out of 5

Artisan Roast
Rugged design and deco with lovely and cosy seats! 
Branches: HQ at Seksyen 13, TTDI and Bangsar Village II
The Coffee: I would say their coffee are above average, especially for real coffee lovers as their Latte and Cappuccino have heavier coffee flavour than milk. They focus a lot on the quality of the coffee I guess, since they do not have their coffee with some fancy syrups, or perhaps not yet. And their ice coffee still come in a small glass!
The Service: I've only been to the HQ and so far they are OK, although not fantastic.
The Atmosphere: My favourite of all! The HQ is spacious, quiet and has great choice of music. Chairs and pillow are so cozy I keep on telling people I can stay there for one whole day!
The price: Also slightly on a higher range.
My favourite coffee hang-out place!!! 
Verdict: While personally I still prefer my Latte to have lighter coffee flavour, the cafe is a must-visit just because of its great atmosphere! I'm super in love!!! 4.5 out of 5

Really just personal views, so what about you? Which is your favourite?

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