Saturday, November 23, 2013

Super Simple Ratatouille Recipe

About two months ago we celebrated Deardo's father (now my BIL, officially) in KL and it was a pot luck kinda thing where everyone cooked something although eventually Deardo and I both contributed five of the dishes! LOL!!!
Home-cooked birthday dinner!!! 
Since we already have the carbs and the meat, I decided to make a vegetable dish, which is not salad. Ratatouille comes into my mind so I went online to search for recipes and mix-and-match them to make mine!

What you need: Sliced garlic, roughly chopped onion, a can of tomato puree, olive oil, fresh thyme (I skipped this because I just couldn't find it in the supermarket the other day, so I added some dried parsley), thinly sliced yellow zucchini, green zucchini and eggplant,shredded cheese of any kind (I used my leftover cheddar but Mozzarella and Parmesan are good too) and black pepper to taste.

What to do:
1) Pour your tomato puree into your baking dish.
2) Add in about 2 tablespoons of olive oil, salt and black pepper and stir them up. 

3) Now add in the garlic and onion then spread them out evenly. 
4) Now lay the zucchini and eggplants on top of the tomato base rotating from one vegetable to the next. You can repeat for a few layers.
5) Sprinkle some salt, black pepper and thyme over the dish.
6) Cover with a piece grease paper.
7) Put into a pre-heat oven at around 180c or so for about 30 minutes.
8) Take the dish out, sprinkle cheese over the dish. Send it into the oven again for about 10 minutes and you are done!

The dish came out of the oven with a really refreshing tomato smell and really nice cheese aroma!!! *drooling~~*
Since it was my first time I was pretty worry if it is nice and that people would accept this kind of dish. But thank goodness everyone loves it and finished the entire dish!!! :D
Deardo's approval??? 
So it is a healthy, nutritious and yummy dish, which is very easy to make! It is also a better options to normal stir-fry vege or just salad! Will surely make it again with fresh thyme next time! :)


Yan said...

I would say, you have talent in cooking. Your Ratatouille looks good la!

ShiRLeXia said...

No lar... This one is simple dish only!
Thanks a lot for te compliment though! Miss reading your blog too!!! Update soon k?