Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Our Pre-Wedding Photos Yaw~!

If you remember, months ago I did give a sneak peek to our pre-wedding photoshoot here. Since our weddings are over (oh yesh), it's time to further share our experience of our entire process with the bridal house.
As mentioned earlier, the bridal house left us with no choice but to do everything in Putrajaya so that I can have more gowns and styles.

But we warmed-up a little bit first in the studio.
While we were very skeptical about studio shoot at first (we initially refused to have any studio shoot), the result was surprisingly satisfying! Probably because we were both still feeling quite fresh so we look pretty good in the photos!
Plus, the make-up artist was awesome! She made my 'Adele hair' with my very short hair! Fuh, that was something that I really like about her!!! :D Of course, the gown was the jaw-dropping one that Deardo really fell in love with when I tried it on! It was definitely the first time seeing Deardo in white but surprisingly he looks quite good, isn't it? *wink~*

And then we changed and moved to Putrajaya...
So we took some very typical pre-wedding photos with veil flying in the air and all...
I didn't particularly like my hair here but the A-line gown was a simpler choice compared to my other gowns. It did sort of made me look slimmer though! :p

This is where the rain came and we had a 'rain break' for about an hour, before continuing with the next shoot.
Well I already knew I wanted one of my gowns/dresses to be either short or hi-lo but unfortunately those at the bridal house were either ugly or too small to fit me in. So in the end, I picked this black one which really turned out to be very nice too, at least the corset closure and the black colour made me look really slim at the waist! :)
Love the location too! Not many people know Putrajaya can look so European isn't it??? 

I didn't choose any evening gown for the shoot simply because I really hate them. I don't like dark colours and I don't like those flowy chiffon ones. I mean, I don't mind if I can find a nice one but there really aren't any, full stop.
So the fourth one I changed into was my tailor-made gown (yay)! It's a light grey with pink details gown, and it's a Vera Wang-inspired gown! It is supposed to be a wedding gown but I guess here you can also call it an evening gown (more about the gown later),
The polo field is also one of our favourite spots really. It almost looked like a farm with cows or horses around! The jetty can look much nicer if not the dirty water and the buildings around... Deardo especially hates the buildings around the area. But photos taken there were extremely beautiful!!!

More of our pre-wedding photos here. :)

Overall, we are pretty happy with our pre-wedding photos and our experience with the make-up artist and photographers was not as bad as what we've heard before this. The photos are fine, just not very fantastic since I thought it was the most classic type. I would have preferred it to be a bit more vintagy, if you know what I mean. Anyway, I think that also has a lot to do with the location which wasn't vintagy anyway... Bridal houses in Malaysia also have quite limited styles of gowns to choose from if you ask me. I've seen so many nicer ones (especially evening gowns) in Taiwanese magazines or on-line! Surely something that our bridal houses need to work on still.
Of course, we could have spent more money flying to Australia to do such thing but we chose not to. I told Deardo, one day if we have the money and that both of us still look good (blek), we can do it all-over again with a foreign company in a foreign country. :p

Anyway, another sneak peek here... Our Taiping wedding's morning session SDE which we are also very happy with! :D

Okay, thank you for watching! :p


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