Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Snap Shots from Oia, Santorini!

Time for some Santorini flashback!

So, as we arrived in Santorini, we straight away checked-into our villa at Oia, perhaps the most famous town in the north of Santorini island, where we spent three awesome days at.

The first thing after leaving our stuff in our room was a tour around the common area of the villa that the owner brought us to and the moment we saw the view we went wow! It's so surreal to be finally here! I'VE MADE IT HERE TO SANTORINI!!!

Just the view few steps away from our villa and we walk past it everyday!!! 

The blue sky and blue sea look like they are sewed together, and you can almost feel the calmness from the sea and surrounding area immediately. Not to mention those cave houses (which from our understanding are mostly villas) which look so cute in their white-blue combinations. And whatever they said were true! This place looks exactly like what you see in postcards or Google pictures! No filter needed at all too!

Some mornings we would walked down to a small cafe to buy our breakfast and chill at the common area overlooking this amazingly beautiful sea view.

Of course in Oia, what tourists like us normally do is to walk further north where there are souvenir shops, bars and restaurants, churches and more cute-looking cave houses to see. We do that three days in a row and honestly not sick of it at all.
Some random church I don't even know if it's still functional. 
Not the only couple we saw taking photos in Oia! 
So pretty, right? 
I say no to pirates, but yes to sparta!
Obligatory pic to proof that we were there! :p
Really, I swear these are original photos we took, with zero editing!
Really, not from Google! 
We love the blue-white houses!

One of my favourite spots is really the spot where people go for the beautiful sunset (some said Oia has the most beautiful sunset), although we didn't actually catch our sunsets there cos it was too crowded with tourists (ahhh, loud Chinese tourists, especially, potong steam kaw kaw).
It was pretty romantic if not for the crowd...

The place is crazily gorgeous!!! You get a full view of the Caldera, the sea, and the whole picture-perfect view of some of the buildings and cave houses up the hill! 
Definitely one of my favourite snaps of the entire trip!
Love the colour of the sea too! 

Of course, we had three days there so we had enough time to explore the other side of Oia, just a little bit...
A little more quiet here so we had some time to ourselves to snap some nice pics. :)

What about sunsets???
To be honest, I've never really gone to anywhere just to see sunset so I'm not sure what is the measurement like to determine a beautiful sunset. But sure, the sunsets that we experienced in Oia are quite amazing-looking.

Day 1
Perhaps the one day with the clearest sky and we can see the big-ass egg yolk slowly dipping itself into the sea! Very beautiful!

Day 2
Too bad second day was a bit cloudy so no clear view of the sun itself but wow, look at the amazing colours the sky has form into? So breath-taking!

Day 3
We took this while having our dinner by the sea (more about that experience in my next entry) and it was one of the best experiences I've ever had in my entire life. The sunset was super pretty too and the yellowish sky just made our last day at Oia perfect! 

I think a lot of people pay a lot of attention to the sunset in Oia and forgot how their night view can be pretty nice too. With lights not only from the town itself, but also all over the island, plus some of the awesome-looking (yet must be pricey) hotels/villa that have night lights over their swimming pool, the view is pretty epic too!
A different night view compared to the high rises in the city.

Oia, though pretty crowded with tourists, is certainly a-must-go in Santorini. So many things to see, to try and to explore! I'm really glad we spent 3 nights there because with our relaxing schedule (wake up, eat, walk, eat, sleep again, then walk and eat again), that three nights were very sufficient to relax while still have enough time to explore the lovely town. 

We definitely had an unforgettable few days in Oia! :)

*Photos above are all with zero editing and filter.

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