Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Satisfying Japanese Dinner @ Sakura Sakura Jap Restaurant, Subang Jaya

Sakura Sakura Japanese Restaurant is one of those restaurants that are so close to home but we never took any initiative to pay them a visit... Well, until recently when we decided to have something new for dinner.
The restaurant was a little empty when we arrived but it became quite crowded after a while, with families and some Japanese expats whom I assume are working in the city. Service was quite good and quick while the place seems pretty cozy as well.
We can see they offer quite a lot of choices in their menu, including those that are stated on a blackboard, mostly exotic fish sashimi, I'm assuming.But since the mummy-to-be can't eat raw food, we went for the boring cooked dishes.
FOC appetizer with some burdock, carrots and potatoes which we finished them all! 
Edamame, RM12.
Teppan Gyoza, RM14.
For starters, we had a plate of Edamame which was very normal but at RM12, was really pricey. And then came the Teppan Gyoza which may look very normal, but turned out to be super awesome! Pipping hot, burnt just nice on the outside, not even oily plus some pretty decent chicken filling inside, the Gyoza is definitely a must-try! 
Oyako Don, RM20.
Yakitori Don, RM24.
I had an Oyako Don as my main, which was not too bad, I especially love the sweet-savoury gravy that comes with it. But an Oyako Don is an Oyako Don, nothing special, but Deardo's Yakitori Don was something that we didn't expect it to be. Instead of just Yakitori chicken/pork on sticks, the bowl comes with chicken, minced pork stick, liver and quail eggs, all nicely done in terms of cooking and tasted very good with the gravy/marinate. I especially find the gravy/marinate made the quail eggs super delicious! 
A very excited Deardo checking out his bowl of awesomeness!
While I was excited enough just trying out new restaurant!
We had a glass of water and a glass of green tea which are both free of charge too. So with the 16% extra charges, the dinner came up to RM81.20. Could have been cheaper if we skip the overpriced Edamame but that was such a satisfying dinner! I'm sure we will go back again soon! :)

Sakura Sakura Japanese Restaurant
No.4 & 4A,
Jalan SS12/1B,
47500 Subang Jaya,
Tel: 03-5637 9185

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