Saturday, February 14, 2015

Home-cooked for the Hungry Mummy Shirlexia

Hi ya'll! Time for another round of Chef Shirlexia sharing her cooking adventure! No offend lar dear chefs out there, I know you guys don't like people calling themselves chefs when they are not qualified enough but this is just a nickname for myself when I blog about my cooking adventure lar, k?

So lately we have been trying to cook at home as much as possible cos eating out so much shouldn't be good for a mum-to-be I guess. So if we get home earlier from work I'll whip up a quick meal, most of the time porridge. On weekends too sometimes we just have porridge since Deardo wants to eat lighter dinners and he is finally in love with my porridge (now my future son will sure love mummy's porridge since it has gotten the difficult papa's approval too, hehe...), but I'll also cook something different occasionally.

So here goes...

#1 Chicken Porridge with Stir-fry Broccoli and Oyster Mushrooms
Most of the time I make my chicken porridge with Mamo's signature recipe, just cut chicken thigh meat and marinate them with soya sauce, Ajishio, sesame oil and a bit of cooking wine, then dump into the porridge with some Tang Chai (Preserved Cabbage) and that's it! Here I added some chopped carrots for some colours.

#2 Chicken Porridge with Stir-fry Water Cress with Goji
Here I also added some Shitake Mushrooms, which is Deardo's favourite. Also recently made all our porridge with unpolished rice which turned out to be awesome! And if you haven't tried frying your water cress then you really should start doing it! Get the younger water cress and I can assure you you will love the texture when you eat it! Water Cress is very high in iron okay! :)

#3 Tang Yuen in Red Dates & Ginger Soup
It was Winter Solstice so I bought some frozen Tang Yuen from the supermarket to go with some boiled red dates and ginger soup in stead of the usual sugar-made tong sui. Tasted pretty good though!

#4 Sesame Oil Chicken Soup with Bihun Served with Stir-fry Nai Bak with Goji
Recipe is almost the same as this, but with changes in certain ingredients.

#5 Complete Chinese Dinner V1
Stir-fry mixed vege (always my favourite vege dish), Lime Leaves Prawns, Fried Fish (first time frying fish at home and Deardo had to do it cos I hate frying stuff that have oil hopping out onto me), herbal soup and the oh-so-yummy 10-grain rice with Chinese sausage. Just slice the sausages and steam them with the rice and OMG the fragrant and the taste you'll get from your rice is so irresistibly addictive! 

#6 Complete Chinese Dinner V2
Made the Chinese Sausage with 10-grain rice again here to go with Stir-fry sliced pork with mushrooms & black fungus, stir-fry cabbage and carrot with dried shrimp (first attempt at making this and it was a success! yay!) plus an old cucumber soup for a wholesome dinner yo!

#7 Yellow Wine Chicken Mee Suah & Herbal Chicken Soup Mee Suah
Well Deardo has been craving for some Yellow Wine Chicken so I said well I can make it since we have the yellow wine that MIL made but I can't take it since I normally add yellow wine into the soup once I turn off the fire (wine that are not evaporated in cooking are still alcohol to preggers)so I made some herbal chicken soup for myself to go with mee suah too! Smart, right? LOL!
Anyway, I didn't do any research on how to make a Yellow Wine Chicken Soup, it was done based on what Deardo said he wanted it to be. So I pre-marinated the chicken with soya sauce, Ajishio and some yellow wine, then add into a simmered bunch of sliced ginger, fried them a little and add water, then the goji and black fungus, plus a little salt to taste. As I turned off the fire, I added about another 3 tbsp of the yellow wine. I didn't try the final product but Deardo was definitely happy with that bowl of dinner so I guess it was a success too! :)

#8 Home Alone Stir-fry French Beans, Carrot & Minced Pork with Sha Cha Sauce over Quinoa
Sometimes I do enjoy cooking for myself a lot cos that's the only time I can cook whatever I like to eat and whatever that is healthier too! I'm a big fan of Quinoa not because it's healthy or expensive (insanely expensive in Malaysia) but because of it's unique texture I just love to chew on. So on a night where Deardo wasn't home for dinner, I indulged myself in this plate of awesomeness and a bowl of 'Bat Chan' Soup for a nutritious, balanced and healthy dinner.

#9 No Carb Dinner Platter
Very yummy oven-roasted HP Sauce (and other sauces) marinated chicken drummets served with a cob of corn and a side of Stir-fry Sha Cha Sauce with Okra. Quite a fusion dinner I shall say. *wink~*

#10 Homey Dinner for the Tan Sisters
On a night where Deardo had dinner appointment, I enjoyed some private time with my two lovely sisters who came over and had a taste of home-cooked food (after some time) that the big sister made for them. So we had a Stir-fry Mixed Vege, Steamed Egg with Minced Pork, Butter Prawns and Herbal Soup to go with some awesome Chinese Sausage 10-grain rice for dinner! :) Always nice to have them with me as they always help in preparing dinner and doing the dishes. :p

#11 Minced Pork Omelet Soup with Glass Noodles
Again, on a night where Deardo enjoyed his Yellow Wine Chicken Soup Mee Sua, I enjoyed one of my favourite dishes that my Ah Ma used to cook, done in around 15 minutes. You can get the recipe here, but I added Goji for some additional nutrition this time around. 

Once again, thank you for watching! 


Yannie said...

To me, all your home cooked look very appetizing and yummy. You are a very wonderful chef. Your family is blessed to have you, especially your future son.

Yannie said...
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ShiRLeXia said...

Thanks so much Yan! I'm sure my husband and son are lucky too! :p

I just love cooking la, sometimes there are failure also but that doesn't stop me from trying again! :)

Hayley said...

You sure are one good chef! I cannot wait to have my own house so that I can ransack my kitchen, muahaha!

ShiRLeXia said...

Thanks Hayley!!!

You are getting your house soon? Congrats!!!