Saturday, May 16, 2015

Home-cooked for the Hungry Mummy Shirlexia II

Hello from home where I don't cook because I'm theoretically not even allowed to touch any cold water during this entire confinement month FML. I kinda miss cooking already I think maybe because I'm starting to get a bit sick of the limited stuff I can eat during confinement month. Sigh...

Anyway, here are some of the cooking/baking I've done before I popped that I still want to share with you guys. :)

#1 'Fake' Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookies
'Fake' because I cheated. I bought this pre-packed mixture and all I needed to add were eggs and butter! Oh yeah so easy and you get some nice American cookies already! The only problem though, is that since it's pre-mixed, the sugar content is quite high so they were a little too sweet. :S

#2 Nutella Oreo Cheese Bars
During the final months of having baby Rayden in my tummy, I was constantly craving for after meal desserts. Hence, I also suddenly have this really strong baking mojo. This one though, was a spin-off from the Nutella Cheesecake Bars I've done earlier. All I did was I added Oreo cookies in the second layer - the cream cheese layer. I'm proud to say it was a hit at 3e's CNY gathering this year where she secretly kept some in the fridge before we could finish them all! :p

#3 Oreo Cheese Bars
Another spin-off from the same recipe here. Ran out of Nutella so let's make an Oreo Cheese Bars! Still works! Although I'm not too sure should I actually bake it or just chill it cos I think it still works if I just chill it? Lol, not entirely a good baker I am, I admit!

#4 Chicken Porridge with Stir-fry Okra and Onion Omelet
Was still making a lot of chicken porridge for quick dinner fixes. Only difference here is I added Shiitake Mushrooms, sweet corn and carrots here for extra colours and nutrition.

#5 Chicken Porridge (again) with Water Cress Soup and Steamed Okra with Homemade Sambal
Honestly, Steamed Okra with Sambal is really awesome. But don't ask me for the recipe for the Sambal, it was from my MIL. :p

#6 Chinese Sausage Quinoa Served with Sweet Corn and Brussels Sprouts
Slowly getting the hang of cooking some perfect Quinoa now, most of the time with the rice cooker. And I really love Brussels sprout but it is one of the vegetables that Deardo is afraid of so yes, this was a home-alone meal. :)

#7 Minced Beef and Mixed Veg Pasta
Was working from home already about a week before baby Rayden was born so I made myself some awesome lunches like this. I fried the pasta with beef marinated with cumin powder, light soya sauce and pepper, tomato, Edamame and broccoli. Seasoned with some pepper and black pepper then sprinkle some roasted sesame on top to make this really yummy pasta dish!

#8 Minced Pork and Mixed Veg Pasta
Made another version of the pasta with Vermicelli Spaghetti, replaced the beef with pork and broccoli with asparagus for Deardo to try. Not too bad either! :)

#9  Dried Scallop Porridge with Tau Eu Bak and Stir-Fry Mixed Vege
Improved my Tau Eu Bak by cooking it over fire instead of slow cooker and also added cinnamon sticks. Yumz... Get the Tau Eu Bak recipe here.

#10 Instant Noodle with Homemade Chicken Soup
For another home alone lunch, I boiled some chicken soup with Goji berry to go with some instant noodle instead of using the seasoning packets that comes with the noodles. Added some oyster mushrooms, black fungus and broccoli for extra nutrition for the then mummy-to-be. :)

#11 Quinoa with Chicken Strips and Zucchini Served with Kacang Botol Omelet
Chicken Strips was leftover from the chicken stock we made while Kacang Botol Omelet was urm, something different???

#12 Curry Pork Ribs Dinner
Made some curry bai kuat with Kacang Botol as well, since we only have that in the fridge. Don't ask me for the curry recipe cos it was pre-packed curry paste. :p Had that with some stir-fry spinach, old cucumber soup and our favourite 10-grain rice with Chinese Sausages.

#13 Fried Soba with Chicken Strips and Zucchini Served with Edamame and Fried Egg
Same ingredients as #11, only this one with Soba noodles, definitely my favourite Japanese noodles of all. Topped that up with Edamame to make it really 'Japanese'. LOL.

#14 Just another Chicken Porridge and Stir-fry French Beans with Chinese Sausages 
Trying out new stuff again here with Chinese Sausages in a French beans dish. 

#15 One-Pot Chicken, Chinese Sausage and Edamame 10-Grain Rice Served with Stir-fry Kale and a Fried Egg
This is my favourite of all my home alone lunches. Rice cooked with all ingredients dumped into the rice cooker and the smell and taste of it was so good!!! Also cooked and tasted Kale for the first time, made it an Asian one with bit of oyster sauce and light soya sauce. Tasted quite like Kailan, which I really like! Such a yummey lunch! :D

Okay, that's all for now. Perhaps more cooking adventure when I'm left alone at home during my second month of maternity leave? 


Yannie said...

Shirlexia, I love all your home cook food, very presentable, healthy and delicious.

Yannie said...
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ShiRLeXia said...

Thanks Yan! It's always my way of eating, I must have vegetables in my food and I think they make things look prettier! :)