Friday, May 22, 2015

Must-try Cakes @ Swich Cafe, Damansara Uptown

About just a weekend before I popped, 3e, 4e and Uncle Mike were nice enough to ask for a catch-up and since I was supposed to suggest something new, I suggested Swich Cafe for their unique cake selection that I've heard of. 
They have an outlet at Publika and one at Damansara Uptown and we went to the one at Uptown, which is a really small half-a-shop cafe. Honestly, although the decorations are very pretty, it was a disappointment to see such a small space and  after trying their food, I must say it's such a waste that the space is not spacious enough to not only cater to more people, but also to look more presentable.
Anyway, since we haven't had our lunch, we gave their new hot food menu a try. They sound pretty interesting I must say.
Pumpkin Curry Chicken Rice, RM9.90.
Cempedak Chicken Rice, RM11.90.
I had the Pumpkin Curry Chicken Rice which is okay, but Deardo's Cempedak Chicken Rice was pretty unforgettable. Deep fried chicken strips with a layer of cempedak sauce and sesame seed over a bowl of rice - very simple yet so tasty! Best of all, the prices of these hot food ranges only from around RM8.90 to RM11.90, if I'm not mistaken, super affordable!
Now to the signature stuff - their cakes!!!
Musang King Durian Mud Pie, RM14.
Cempedak Cake, RM12
Cendol Cheesecake, RM12.90.
Red Velvet, RM12.90.
We tried quite a few of their cakes, and I shall say my favourite is the Musang King Durian Mud Pie. Although I prefer the base crust to be a bit thinner, but the combination of the chocolate and durian were enough to make up for the imperfection. Plus, the durian layer really tasted like real durian flesh, I'm freaking serious! So yummy!!! The Cempedak Cake and Cendol Cheese Cake were really good too, I especially love how they are not stingy with their ingredients yet the sweetness were just nice! :) The only let down was the Red Velvet which was a bit too sweet with the huge amount of chocolate sauce over it. :S
Their coffee was quite decent, although I must say the presentation again, wasn't impressive. I can't remember how much was my lemonade but I remember it was quite pricey for a drink.
Us catching-up over some nice cakes and coffee!
Overall, very small cafe but surprisingly very delicious hot food and super impressive cakes! Highly recommended! :D 

Swich Cafe
54, Jalan SS21/58,
Damansara Utama,
Petaling Jaya,

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