Friday, May 8, 2015

I've Popped... In the Most Unglam Way Possible

So yes, while you are still reading my scheduled posts on my blog, I've actually popped and it happened in one of the most dramatic ways possible, like you know, women in TVB dramas giving birth. 

To begin the story, we have to go back to 23rd April where we visited our doctor for our check-up. She said I was only about 1cm dilated so she did something 'down there' to sort of try to open up my cervix a little. Because I was having pregnancy high BP, her suggestion was to have me check-into the hospital on 28th (Tuesday) and induce me so latest I'll deliver would be on 29th (Wednesday), instead of my earlier due date, which was supposed to be 8th May.

So Deardo and I started doing some last minute preparations to welcome our little bundle of joy. We also went out quite a lot, knowing that I'll be confined for a month after delivering the baby.

On Saturday (25th April) morning, instead of some brownish blood discharge (which was supposed to be normal after what the doctor has done the other day), I noticed there were fresh blood on my panty liner, together with some transparent-looking stuff. I've heard about this being 'the show' so I quickly Google it up and phew~ It says normally for first-time mum, the mucus plug coming out means you might have to wait a week or up to a month to deliver! So I was like okay baby isn't coming, just yet.

That evening we made a spontaneous decision to go down to Sungei Wang, a place we know we might not want to bring a baby to when he is out. We were going to choose a new G-Shock for Deardo since his birthday falls in May. But before that, we stopped by one of our favourite restaurants, Hong Kong's Food Culture for some yummy Fried Beef Noodles.
Beef Noodles FTW!!!
While I was eating, I constantly feel discharge coming out of me. I still thought it was normal discharge until we finished and started walking towards Sungei Wang. By then I could feel my thighs were rubbing each other with water... I told Deardo maybe my water bag has broken??? He was like hai mai gah??? To be safe, I went to the ladies and once I take off my underwear, water just flow freely down my legs... OMG MY WATER BAG REALLY DID BREAK!!!
Hey that's me, trying to hold on to the water that are still flowing down... :S
Freaked out, we quickly, but also slowly (hahaha I don't know if you understand this lol) made our way back to the car (yeap, no G-Shock today my dear husband) where the only thing we can use for me to sit on was a recycle bag. We drove all the way home, took an important shower, washed my hair and checked into the hospital at about 11pm.
Deardo wanted to capture almost every moment so this is when we arrived at the hospital...
First check, I was only about 3cm dilated so we knew it would be next day that we will meet our baby boy. We refused to take Epidural because Deardo has heard story from colleague that it has side effect - backache. But being the useless self, by 2am ish the pain was too unbearable I begged Deardo to just let me take the Epidural. Gosh those nurses could hear me screaming from outside the room okay!
Before the pain kicks in, I'm assuming since I looked so happy still. 
So after the Epidural I felt much better but the entire night (or morning) we didn't get to sleep much since the midwives and nurses kept coming in to check on me from time-to-time. At least I wasn't feeling much of the contraction pain anymore...

Fast forward to 8 something in the morning where I started pushing (or should I say we since Deardo was sort of involved in the whole process?), and by 9.20am our baby boy finally came into our world! But honestly, because of the numbness at my lower body I didn't even realise our baby is already here so when they put him on my tummy and told me hey baby is here I went huh? Oh! There he is! Later when they handed him over and asked me to kiss baby, I was also like huh? Oh ok, then kissed him on his forehead... LOL! I think I was just too tired and numb to react to it. So unlike a lot of you new mums out there, I didn't really shed any tear. Deardo instead was in tears haha...
Mummy and baby's first photo together! :D
Papa kissing baby passionately. :D
So there, from a family of two, we now have a new member and it's our son, Rayden Wong! :)
First family wefie yo!!!
Well, more about that name slightly later when I have more strength to blog. Till then, here are some earlier photos of Rayden to brighten up your day. :p


Yannie said...

Congrats to you, shirlexia. Welcome your first precious first born to the world.

Yannie said...

I am sure you and your hubby are a great parents to him. Happy Mother's day to you.

ShiRLeXia said...

Thanks a lot Yan!

Happy Mother's Day to you too! :)