Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Naming our Son - Rayden Wong

Before I forget, a very belated Happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there! 

For some odd reasons, I still feel pretty surreal to have a son right now, like I don't really feel like I'm a mum yet? I look at Rayden everyday going hey this baby boy is so cute, but never really feel like hey this cute boy is my son? Maybe the feeling just hasn't really kick in.
Celebrating Mother's Day at home with Baby Rayden and Mamo, with my two sisters too, of course. 
Anyway, I had a cool first Mother's Day with my two sisters around buying me flowers and cakes, spending some time and laughter with me, who otherwise would be bored till death sitting at home. I just have some of the best siblings and relatives and I'm forever thankful for them. :)

I've dreamed about typing this particular post and it would be a pretty long one if my son is only my son, without Deardo included. I would have named him some super cool names like some Greek, Italian, Spanish or French baby boy's name. But because our boy has a dad who is super scared of people making fun of his son's name, we ended up arguing and could never agree to a name until perhaps a week before he was born.

Let me just skip all the names I love cos I just love them too much I'm worry you will steal them from me. LOL (just kidding la, I'll share with you privately if you need some ideas for cool baby boy's name, I promise)! But for Deardo, he always come up with some pretty common names like Sebastian (because of Sebastian Vettel, the F1 World Champ) and I would always say ah that's too common!

In the end he said he wanted the name to start with the letter R (again, it's a car freak's thing), which I quickly came up with Roderick, which I really really like since hearing the name on the final season of Glee, but he was just urm may~be~ Grrrrhhhhh... So frustrating!
Oh hi! My name is Rayden Wong! Nice meeting you! :D
After some research, I'm just glad we finally agreed on one name and that's Rayden. It's like an extended name to names like Aiden, Jayden or Hayden. Not only does the name start with the letter R (which makes papa very happy), the 'Ray' in the name also rhyme with Rayden's Chinese's name. And to me, the word 'Ray' means something bright, like ray of light and of course best of all, it's quite a new and uncommon name that I can't even find a meaning for the name online, so I can't complain much anymore or we will NEVER get this done.

So here we have, Rayden Wong, our cute little fellar's name!

I'm not too sure if we will have a second one in the future, but I do hope if we do, I can have my cool names back. I even have a whole list of cool and lovely girls' names in my mind already cos I find girls' names more interesting actually! :p


Hayley said...

Congratulations once again!!

Rayden looks more like papa now, hehe!

ShiRLeXia said...

Thanks Hayley!

Haha looks like that's what many people think so!