Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Caroline's Wedding

Yea... Finally the pictures are here!
2007 is surely a wedding year. From all my Malay friends like Bob, Leha, Nora a.k.a Melati, till my friends in Perth such as Danielle and my 'ko ko' Vin Chin, and most probably Tina too! Caroline's is the one that I was dying to attend. Because well the rest are mostly far far away, from Seremban, Pahang, then Perth, Macau or China. Carol's at Klang and it was a great opportunity to catch-up with my ex-colleagues whom I was very close to in Perth.
Well, unfortunately not many of them made it, only four of us in the end. But we were all very excited and had a great time!From Left: Weng Yew, Chia Pin, Pat and me, the Penang Food Restaurant's gang.
The very special individually-bowled shark fins soup.
And the very special five-happiness
Of course, Caroline looks great! Barry, his husband also looks extra handsome that night.
It was a great night, minus the Hokkien songs and oldies...
Don't ask me, the next one is definitely not me, ok?

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