Saturday, December 1, 2007

Resolution & Announcement

Okay, I know it is a month early to make a new year resolution. But since I hope this will come true by the next month, which is January 2008, I better announce it here with the hope that you guys will be able to help.
I've decided that, if possible, I want to pay for my sister's rent, which is RM 420 from January on. We've just shifted and there is a huge rise of our rent from the previous 200 bucks. Now we are in seperate rooms, which means I am also paying 42o bucks for my own room.
But the 420 will be another burden for my dad. He is already paying too much from my studies to my sis's. And he has to keep his dream of owning a new car until my sis graduate next August(well, that's what he said). I always mumble non-stop about him buying a new car because our old one is bloody 16 year-old and is making so much noises and my dad has to ride on his bike all the time as my mum is always driving the car. I am constantly worry about the fact that he is riding on the bike! Almost everyday I'm worry that something would happen! Touchwood! But it is true, I don't feel safe with motorbikes!
So... I'm begging to you all, not for money lar! But a part-time job. Of course it will not be that easy as I have a permanent job at the moment. But just try me. Anything that I can do at home, scriptwriting, writing press releases, freelance writing, etc. If you dare take the risk, you can even try me on doing voice-overs or emcee-ing. I'm new in these but you can give me a try! I can do it in English or Mandarin. Anything that can offer me at least an extra RM 420 per month will do! Thanks a lot in advanced!

As I've said above, I've shifted. But it's still the same area. The house is a bit not so well done yet after the renovation. My toilet's light is still not working, so I can't even use it at night time. The air-con in my room can't work. I mean, it can be turned on, but you can't change the tempreture at all! But the room is okay, with a big wardrobe which I can now put all my huge piles of clothes in it! Yoo~hoo~!
But the biggest problem right now is the wireless line that I'm using isn't stable. So I can't really go on-line, fuck! You know I can't live without internet!!!
Okay, I hope everything will be fixed soon lar!
So if you are coming to pick me up to somewhere, be aware that I've moved.

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