Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I want to...

It's funny, many of my friends would love to have my job.
"Sport journalist? That sounds really cool, I wish I can write like you."
"Wah you only start working at 3pm? That's freaking cool!"
True, minus all the morning assignments, I will only need to be in the office at 3pm or later. True, sport journalist sounds pretty cool, not because of the writing, to me it's more to the opportunity to meet with some world class athletes. I'm always thrilled at getting the chance to meet some of my idols!
Okay, I'm pretty cool with my working hours actually. I mean, where would you get another job that would allow you to go to the gym at 9am in the morning? And if you have enough time, you can even go for a movie before heading to work! And having off days on weekdays is also cool with me because you wouldn't need to pack into the crowd during weekend(of course, I mean except for the bloody school holiday!!!Arrrrhhhh...).
But I'm also finding it difficult to do stuffs that I want to do, namely...
1) To attend Caroline's wedding
It's on this Sunday and I'm dying to go because over there I will meet some of my ex-colleagues whom I've worked with at the Penang Food Restaurant in Perth. I'd sent my off day request for this Sunday but I'm still in doubt whether or not I'll get the approval... My boss just came in today to do the roster. Finger crossed, finger crossed...

2) Join my classmates in organizing our graduation
Well, I finished my hosting course last month and the graduation is scheduled next January (although sadly, I haven't even record my graduation piece because of the hospital stay). The school had decided to let us (student) do the job of arranging the whole event which is going to be held at the PWTC. Apparently, only students from the hosting class are all excited about doing the job. Jin Jing had even came out with a script for a play! And Karen is involved in the committee although she has to travel all the way from Ipoh! They are currently working on the stuffs and are having meetings every Saturday afternoon which, duh? I can't join!!!
Seriously, it is going to be an exciting event. The graduation is part of the youth exhibition at the PWTC. It will be HUGE! And you know I always think I'm a creative person :p (okay, I might not be for this few years but back then in secondary school, I always have good ideas when organizing events like that). There is NO REASON for me to miss it but my working hour! Everybody is off on Saturday and I understand the fact that they want to have it in the afternoon because nobody likes to wake up early in the morning on an off day! So yea... this is what you call 有心无力. Well, I'm still waiting for the e-mail of the information from them, we'll see what I can do....

3) Have dinner at the right time
I finished work every night at around 9pm, sometimes later if there is a need for me to wait for some results to come in. If it's 9pm, I will reach home around 10pm or so, which is definitely not a right time to have dinner. I can have dinner here at the right time but unfortunately, there will be only mamak food downstairs, which you can't really rely on everyday. Of course sometimes I will bring bread for dinner but you know I will still crave for something oily because my mind is telling me I only had a light dinner. Having dinner so late is probably the reason I didn't really lsoe weight despite all the gym sessions that I've fallen in love with!

So, does the job still sound very cool to you?

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