Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hello? True friend???

About two weeks ago, an old schoolmate, we call her P, called me and I was really shocked she has my number. Apparently she got it from one of our old schoolmates. But anywayz, I was quite glad to hear from her. So without any hesitation, I agreed to meet up few days later at the Starbucks near my place.
It was quite a short catch-up. That night, she SMS-ed me a very sweet text message I really thought she may, you know, turn into lesbian...
Few days later, she invited me to a BBQ party at her friend's house. I really didn't want to go since I don't know her friends, but then I said 'yes' because I think it's just time to know new friends. Later I found out Ducum's Vietnamese friend, Karyn was going to cook some Viet food for us the same night! So I told P I will have to stay home for that, but she said she already paid for the BBQ food (at this point only I realized it was not a party hosted by her friend, but its the kinda party everyone needs to pay) and that it's just for 'relaxing'. Aih... So I went. Her friends stay at this really classy place in Bangsar. The food was really lame and quite common, nothing special. There isn't even any salad or fried bihoon like you normally get. Nevertheless, I enjoyed chatting with her bunch of friends. One of them was really really funny. She made me launged till I have this jaw pain after the party.
P sent me home and as we arrived at home, she suddenly put out his hands and said:"Ok, BBQ, RM22!" I didn't show it to her but I was bloody mad at the moment. She forced me to go one ler! And I thought she was paying for mine!!! For the shitty stuff I got, I need to pay a bloody 22 bucks!!! WTF??? Just for your info, I have a trip in plan and I'm seriously saving up for that. Worst, when I got into the house, Ducum told me how fantastic Karyn's cooking was, and I didn't get to eat them!!! And they are for free!!! S7%43#@$*()%$@... Seriously I really want to kill myself! P also said we shall meet up again this week... Shit, you just tricked me into paying for some stupid BBQ! Are you paying for my next meal with you or what???
That mid night, I was chatting with N when I told her about my bad exprience at the BBQ. She then asked me if P told me about the direct-selling thing she is doing? Did she introduce me to some of her friends with the names of blah blah blah blah... By now, all answers are there! P is not lesbian, neither is she in love with me... SHE IS TRYING TO DRAG ME INTO HER DIRECT SELLING BUSINESS!!!
Now, I AM VERY VERY MAD!!! First thing first, I hate friends like this. For a long time you didn't call, then out of nowhere you got in touch with me, just for this??? Worst, you didn't tell me straight that you want to introduce me into doing direct-selling, and asked me out a few times and yet still haven't tell me the truth! I disrespect direct-seller like this!!! Third, as someone who wanted to drag me into doing business with you, you should pay for my drink at Starbucks and the stupid BBQ you forced me to go!!! WTF? Where got people do business like that one???
But in the end, I figured, the most important thing is, the friendship. I really cannot accept friend like this. I mean, you see Brian is doing direct-selling, but when he wanted to introduce me into it he told me straight, invited me to a dinner meal which he paid part of it (because it was some high-class, expensive stuff lar). You see what I mean? To me, friends are not for you to cheat, not for you to trick, and certainly not for you to call-up after years when you wanna drag her into direct-selling!

To P, don't call me or SMS to ask me out anymore, I'm simply not replying your call or SMS anymore. I know your trick now. Just give up pal, I'm NOT INTERESTED, not especially with the way you are approaching me... I'm sorry. If you want a casual meet-up that is cool. :)


Lay JinG said...

haha... dont angry la! I also kena, not direct sale but insurance =P well, if they not appreciate the friendship, just ignore them la!

ShiRLeXia said...

Lay Jing,
Actually insurance one I also kena before. That guy was even someone I hated in school and he knows it!
But its ok since I hated him, but this one is my friend whom I was quite close to in school!

Heal Your Soul with Our Memories said...

FULLY UNDERSTAND your feeling!!!
i kena tht b4 ler...MLM...haihz...


ShiRLeXia said...

Hey Phoebe,
I know!!! It's just sad...