Sunday, April 12, 2009

Some flashback and American Idol

Seriously, what is wrong with the internet connection??? I don't know if you guys are having the same problem as I do? Both Streamyx at home and my Maxis Broadband is running really slow over the past few days. YouTube is loading super duper slow!!! Aaaarrrrhhh... Really fed-up with the Malaysian whatever shit services man! Gosh I've never had the same kind of experience in other countries!!!
Anywayz, I've just finished my two days of emcee-ing at PWTC. Gosh it was tiring! More updates on that later when I got all the pictures.
For now, sit back, put on your safety belt, we are going back to last month, the weekend of March 20~March 21...
Sorry lar, since the photos were taken with other people's camera (well, professional ones), I had to wait for them to transfer, edit and then to upload to Facebook. So yea, I bet some of you had already saw them in my Facebook, but I'm just going to put some nice ones here with some caption, just for your information!
March 20
It was Ducum's big day! Her 22th birthday. So I joined her friends for the party which started only at night at Wong Kok Cafe...I Rene was the make-up artist for my eyes that night. Looks really nice hey?
With Chuan Yee, the one that I love and hate! Hahaha... Remember the 'oren name tag'?
The birthday girl with her friends... And sister.
At Wong Kok Cafe, you get this giant milk tea on your birthday, for free! Here's the Tan sisters... And just in case you wanna know, that lovely dress was from Singapore! Cheap stuff, only S$10!
And then it's clubbing time. Believe it or not, that was my first clubbing experience in KL! I mean, you have no choice, I'm certainly, definitely, absolutely, confirmed I'm not lying! I've been to the club a few times when I was in Perth, but definitely not in Malaysia. So we went to Scarlett at The Curve.
Well, not to say all the songs suck. They are ok, at least not techno. But I really didn't enjoy the songs there. It's just not my style, not the kind that will make me wanna dance like crazy. Well but... It's at least an experience, my first clubbing experience in Malaysia!Ok lar, it's blurred, but I like that deco mah...Me, Sok, I Rene and Lily... So proud with our drinks!I LOVE THIS PICTURE! If only Chuan Yee didn't look so silly... ==|||
Ducum's birthday cake this year was JCO dounuts!
And I also bumped into Chow Chee Peng, my ex-schoolmate! Ok, he prefers to be called Jeep Chow, I think.

March 21
Wow~ I remember it was a hectic weekend. Returning home from Scarlett only at about 4am. Slept till afternoon, then had to go out for the 1st International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta at Putrajaya with the Cincai Group. It was bloody hot that day we felt like we were roasted pig, roasted chicken and roasted duck. Ah, I want to be the duck lar, I like duck more! Kakakaka...
It was quite an interesting event lar. I was really amazed by the crowd hey! Of course, I met someone there accidently! Someone really cute, indeed. :)Just a few of the participating ballons... You see the clown's face one? It has two different expressions!
Trust me, I wasn't that excited, not especially after all the sun burn...
Honestly, this picture makes Wei Jian and me look like a very cute couple, isn't it? Eh, we are not a couple okay, people still single and available! I mean, both of us!
I bumped into Cheng Chu Sian!!! The archer I've mentioned in my blog earlier! And I can confirmed he is damn cute in real person, and tall, and mascular... A perfect boy! But in this picture, he looks absolutely stupid and plastic...
*Pictures courtesy of Lijing Khoo.
That's about it lar.

Oh, before I forget, I KNOW I MISSED DAVID ARCHULETA in KL!!! Aaaarrrhhh... I heard he was so friendly and cute! Aw~ Love that boy!
But I've been following the latest season's American Idol. My earlier favourite was Jamar Rogers, who unfortunately was eliminated I think in top 36 or something. And then there is Adam Lambert who caught my eyes very early on. And he just made me like him more and more every week! Gosh, that fellar really can sing! And of course, I like his look too, reminds me of Lee Harding of Australian Idol, although I wouldn't say he's the cutest one on the show right now. Well, yes he is the cutest one, to me! I LOVE YA ADAM LAMBERT!!! I really hope he would win the competition!
Adam~! Adamn~! Adam~!
My second favourite is Anoop Desai. I mean, ANOOP DESAI!!! Aiya, you know I always like Indian guys (maybe less now, since I recently prefer single eye-lit guys)... Anoop is not very cute you see, Ducum said his lips are too thick. I think his brows are too thick. Haha. He is not consistent. He can look very silly on a bad week. But on a good week, you will love him like crazy!!! I know as an Indian, he is not going to win the competition, but I really really hope to see him stay as long as possible! Ah... Not like I can vote or do anything... :( Anywayz, GO ANOOP!The Slumdog Millionaire fever continues with Anoop in American Idol!
Who's your pick this season?


Unknown said...

I'm SO sorry, the photos dragged SO long and let you wait till your neck is SO long.

* Shirlexia metntioned "people's camera (well, professional ones), " Me want clary, me n me camera not SO's other ppl's.

ShiRLeXia said...

LiJing... Don't need to be so 谦 la! We all now u're pro!
Ah bo why u have no time to edit and send them to me? Bcos u have so many jobs taking photos for other ppl!
Anywayz, pics look good, thanks! :)