Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Aaaarrrhhh... Bloody Stage Fright!

Karen Lai, as promised, here's the blog post you had been nagging me for about 3 days now... Nah...

I had an emcee job last weekend for the Smart Kids Talent Quest at PWTC. On Sunday I invited Ducum to come along to take some pictures for me since I've never had any real pictures of myself working as an emcee, a job that I love so much but am still new at, thus not yet really good at.
After a sleepless night, Ducum was quite hyper in the morning, so she took loads of pictures on our way to PWTC...Macam-lah it was a big day out for Ducum herself... ==|||
Didn't these pictures make you think of Justin Timberlake??? Sexy back... Okay, that was a joke...
Still waiting for the LRT to come...
And as expected, we were a bit early when we arrived. So I decided to give Ducum a breakfast treat at McD. To my surprise(super duper surprised), Ducum had never knew or tried the Big Breakfast!!! For a McD fan like her, it's just unbelievable! It was just bloody funny to see her taking pictures of the breakfast... Hahahaha...Ducum's first McD's Big Breaky! See how excited she was???
So then, off to work. Started with the rehearsal, and then the real thing. Like the first day, I had absolutely no time to rest in between rehearsal and competition. So make-up also had to be done while rehearsing. That's ok, but like the first day, I didn't do too well on stage. I'm still very disappointed with myself on that. I mean, this is a great chance for me to perform. If I do good, then the employer will continue giving me jobs, but then I just ruined it! I wasn't very nervous, no shaky hands, legs or lips, but somehow whenever I started to talk, I just couldn't even get the sentence right. I think it may have something to do with the fact that I had to basically say everything in Chinese, then in Malay. God only knows how long I've never had a real chance to speak Malay! Every time I said a line in Chinese, part of my brain was already thinking about the next line in Malay...
Anywayz, I would say I did pretty good when I was not on stage. Whenever I was at the side of the stage announcing teams and performers, I was pretty good. In fact, I think I improved on the second day! :)Rehearsal time... Working hard...
Presenting... Shirlexia Tan on stage!!!
Pretty confident while I wasn't on stage... Damn, that's not right!
Yes, and by the end of the day, my employer 刘姐gave me some comments... 你的声音很漂亮、外型也ok,只是你在台上紧张,是经验不足,但在台下就没问题。Well, at least there were some compliments there. I really really hope she doesn't give up on me, I really really hope she would offer me more jobs in the future!!! I promise, I will do better next time!
By the way, check out this cute little boy from Krista Cahaya! He is soooooooooo cute! Look at his spiky hair! He was always the slowest one, so funny! I was going back stage to take a picture with him after the show before finding out he has gone home! Poor little boy, must be real tired after performing twice! My cute boy... The shortest boy there... Aaaawww... He's just too cute!
The deserving top three winners, well, according to Ducum, who watched the entire competition.
Oh by the way, I know this may be a bit unethical, but then I couldn't help. Part of me is launghing so hard reading that but part of me is worried, how can a school teacher has such bad English? How are they going to teach their students? Here's a summary of the performance given by one of the participated schools that I refused to read when I introduced the team...
Alice is a lovely little girl. She always dreams to become an excellent Latin dancers. She is thinking until fell asleep. Suddenly, strange things happen, those puppets in her room are revival. They are happy dancing with Alice. Happy time always quickly to past, when the music stopped she returns to her true indentity - a lovely puppet.
Yup, we can say it together, once again! WTF???
Okay, that's about it.
I am not too happy with my performance on stage. The bloody stage fright has definitely got the better of me!!! Aaaarrrhhhh... But who am I? I'm Shirlexia, the optimistic Bao! I'll take this as a lesson and will prepare myself for the next challenge! Come on, bring them on~!


Anonymous said...

Fui ==""
at last i can post comments d
我很早就去偷偷看你了, 不错嘛!!
你要加油哦, 毕竟你比我厉害。。。

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rainbow mushroom said...

babe, dont b nervous. im sure u r improving!!!

btw, i hate direct selling ppl too!!!

ShiRLeXia said...

Thanks a lot dear! Muaksss!!!
I will make sure I do better in the future! :)

Yea... I know! She is still calling and SMS-ing me non-stop!
Aaaaarrrrrhhh... said...

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