Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Talentime... Brilliant!!!

It was awful!!! Like shit man!!!


I was actually planning to write a movie review after my other movie outing tomorrow. But after watching Talentime, I just can't wait to share this with you guys!
You know I'm a big fan of Yasmin Ahmad, though not those crazy ones, but I make sure I don't miss her movies whenever possible.
Talentime is a very Yasmin Ahmad-styled movie. It has all the 'Yasmin Ahmad's film' elements, from racial issues, religion, love... I guess the one big difference is that this time around the main guy is an Indian, oooooohhh, I mean a VERY CUTE INDIAN GUY!
Well, you saw my title, I basically love the movie!!! The ending was a bit of a shock, but then I thought, well, nothing much to say now, you understand what's the ending, right? The story is cute, lovely and touching, plus gives people a very good laugh in the cinema too! :) It got cheesy here and there, but I can actually accept most of them. I especially love the way Yasmin added scene of the bridal shops when the main characters' love started to gloom. I love the reality bits too! Chinese being strict with their kids' result, Indians being dramatic over everything. It's like if you want to learn more about the people and culture of Malaysia, you can just watch Talentime! I also enjoy the songs, especially the Indian song! Oh yea, and that's the other difference between Talentime and other Yasmin Ahmad's movie! Great sountrack!
I think the only thing I have problem with is the actors. Okay, nothing about their acting, they weren't too bad, though not fantastic. Pamela Chong who plays Melur is definitely too old to play a secondary school student! In fact, she is 7 years older than Mahesh in real life! WTF? And Jacklyn Victor is also too old as a college student lar! Other than that, I think Mahesh is absolutely CUTE! And at 19 years old, he has such great body! Oh, just looks so yummy! Hey hey, I don't mind dating younger boys! I know I've just switched from liking Indian guys to single eye lit Chinese recently. But it's okay, I can always switched again, just for you Mahesh! Ha! :p Kahoe is also quite cool too, I reckon he's that kinda 'silent killer' boy.
Oh wait, two more questions here... What's with the babies at the park??? And aren't people with hearing impairment not supposed to be riding on a bike?
By the way, I was so excited to see 'Jason' again, even though it was only for like one second! Haha, you might even miss him, so pay attention or you'll miss him!

Alright, I've also watched Marley & Me and Tale of Deparaux earlier. I thought Marley & Me was touching enough to make me cry, but not as fantastic as how people had told me. Tale of Desparaux is cute but that's about it lar. Most probably going for another movie tomorrow, wanna guess which one is it?


LayJinG said...

Oh, i didnt go movie for quite some time:( Interest with Talentime, hope manage to watch it! hehe... u going to watch knowing? simply guess lar =P

ShiRLeXia said...

Well, I would say Talentime is a MUST WATCH!
Nop, not Knowing...

Anonymous said...

emm emm emm like me guess
emm emm emm arr i know is shopaholic
ngam mo ???

karen ^^

ShiRLeXia said...

Oh Karen you're so smart!

bboy ady said...

i am voice ady
the editor
if have yasmin ahmad movie,
dun forget to share with me
hope can learn more from with u to write movie review

ShiRLeXia said...

Hi Ady! Welcome to my blog! :)
Urm... I think Yasmin's next movie, Muallaf is coming soon too! Yay!