Sunday, July 19, 2009

3e's Birthday Dinner @Duck King Restaurant

Before I start to get real busy with the whole load of work I have, let's have this blog post up first.
On Friday, my 3e celebrated her xxth birthday (Haha, age is a woman's secret mah :p) and it was really nice of them to invite Ducum and I to the dinner. Although... That would means spending more money on the present and taxi... Haih... *shake head~*
But really, thank god we went, otherwise we would have wasted such an unforgettable dinner at Duck King Restaurant @ Jaya One! The food there were simply AWESOME!!!
Alright, before getting to the point (food), we have some nice pictures here as a little warm-up...Love that dress-cum-top that Karen gave me! Everyone at the dinner said it looks nice! Thanks a lot to my dear friend Karen!!! :)Ducum and I playing around with Shawn!
That's Uncle Thong, the host of the night, picking what to have for dinner...
Birthday girl 3e is here! And that's her holding the present we gave her, from Promod, like everyone's favourite brand man! Of course we cannot miss taking photo with the birthday girl lar! 3e's lovely family... And the scarf I bought for her! Nice ler???
The dinning table in the VIP room!
4e is soooooo going to kill me if she sees this... Haha... Look how scared she was when Eu Jin was trying to open the champagne bottle.
Another guest of the night was Ah Ku!
Nice shot of our cute and pretty Ah Ma~! :)
Well I guess I just can't wait any longer to have my sip of champagne... Hehehehe...
Dishes we had that night were really good! But I didn't get to see the menu, and I was too lazy to check them out later (obviously too busy cam-whoring and then.. Eating), so I'll simply put some names for them lar...Tit bits from left: Jellyfish, steamed peanuts, pork with some garlic and chili.
More tit bits from left: Super nice potato salad, super nice crispy sotong and super nice cashew nuts with sesame.
Starter: Siu Yok, Roasted Pork!
Jellyfish again... I think it tastes like jellyfish with some curry powder, not too sure...
Very special shark fins soup! You see the bloody big piece of fins there? And it has loads of crab's eggs in it, damn nice lor~!
The Smoked Duck. I personally think the taste of the 'smoke' is a bit heavy lar.
Deep Fried Kai Lan, seems like one of the family's favourite dishes.
Oh, I just LOVE this Tofu with Mushroom dish~! Definitely a big big MUST TRY!!!
Drunken prawns with herbs? This is really good too!
The la-la was also not-too bad!
The famous Claypot Goat Belly was also bloody delicious! :)
Fried Sao Mien (Birthday Noodles) was great just because it has real big pieces of fish and shrimps!
Basically, Duck King Restaurant impressed me from their tip bits all the way till the final dish! Every single dish was SO GOOD! Ok lar, I supposed if I were the one ordering, I would have ordered a Peking Duck instead of the Smoked Duck. And I supposed I didn't fancy the jellyfish with curry powder or whatever it is... Still The restaurant really impressed me a lot!!! I'm really looking forward to a second visit there! I missed Peking Duck!!!
By the way, my cousin bro Eu Jin also returned to Melbourne the next night. You see, he actually grown taller, I mean AGAIN??? Look how tall is he now...And I was wearing a pair of heels... ==|||


viviantan-yan said...

so sad i'm can't be there to attend such a great b'day night//

ShiRLeXia said...

Haha... I can only say, the food was really really GOOD!!!

diaLoG wiTh tH3 c@t said...

reading ur blog at nite is not a good idea...
esp the blog with food =___=lll

ShiRLeXia said...

Haha, you're not the first one to say that ler...:p